Video marketing is not a revolutionary technique. Even as the form is employed by more businesses across the world, more video marketing data emerge in its favour. To be sure, video may do greater to attract and inspire sales than textual or picture advertising.

Psychologists recently discovered that music can be used to affect the moods of listeners. That is significant. If companies can capture the proper balance with its audience in a video, their marketing strategies may have a 31 percent effectiveness percentage.

There is more behind the media’s influence and significance. That is why we have compiled this collection of video marketing statistics.

It’s overflowing with statistics which demonstrate incredibly effective integrating video in your digital marketing plan could be for a business firm.

  1. People consume 16 hours of internet video every week on average, a 52 percent jump over the previous years.
  2. Greater engagements are generated by social video than through textual and picture material altogether.
  3. While watching videos, consumers recall 95 percent of the information, compared to 10 percent while reading this in text.
  4. To understand something regarding a business or services 96% of consumers have seen an instructional video.
  5. 86 percent of consumers want to experience additional videos from companies.
  1. In comparison to publications, visuals, digital books, and slideshows, 68 percent of customers appreciate viewing videos to discover innovative products and services.
  2. 82 percent prefer to view video streams instead of reading messages on social media.
  3. The ideal length of video advertisement is 6 to 10 seconds.
  4. Customers who reach an ecommerce website using a personalised user video advertisement supports 184% more chances to generate sales.
  5. About 26% of the time, Google displays a video thumbnail adjacent to a search result therefore consumers are more inclined to engage on that item.
  1. Video is the form of marketing that has the highest ROI, according to 51% of market researchers globally.
  2. Video advertising is used by 87 percent of marketing professionals.
  3. Advertisers’ top popular video formats in 2021 will be instructional videos (72%), demonstration videos (49%), feedback videos (48%), and marketing videos as well as video advertisements (42 percent each).
  4. Advertisers who include video within business advertisements receive a 34% increase in conversions.
  5. Shopping video is beginning to outshine display advertising in terms of conversion as well as click-through rate increases.
  1. According to 84 percent of advertisers, video has assisted them in generating prospects.
  2. According to 87 percent of video advertisers, video has a favourable ROI.
  3. Digital video advertising spending is predicted to rise 41.9 percent between 2017 and 2024.
  4. The worldwide broadcasting market rose by 55% during 2019 to 2020. (from 104.11 billion to 161.37 billion).
  5. YouTube has more than 2.3 billion monthly  users which means this number for all viewers is likely higher.
  6. YouTube is the favourite streaming video medium for 90% of consumers in the United States.
  1. Daily basis, more than 1 billion hours of entertainment are watched on YouTube.
  2. Smartphones account for 70% of YouTube watching duration.
  3. YouTube is where 90% of consumers learn about new companies or goods.
  4. 70% of YouTube users have bought an item from a company after viewing it on YouTube.
  5. True Ads are preferred by 80 percent of YouTube visitors over in-stream advertisements.
  6. YouTube is used by 50.9 percent of B2B decisions to investigate purchasing.
  7. YouTube is used by 62 percent of organizations to publish video.
  1. On YouTube mobile, 62 percent of advertising time attracts attention of the viewer, especially in contrast to 45 percent of Television advertising time.
  2. Throughout the springtime of 2020, Facebook Live viewing grew by 50%.
  3. Facebook Watch boasts 140 million daily active users worldwide, who typically spend 26 minutes each day viewing video.
  4. Facebook is used by 84 percent of video advertisers as being one of their primary video distribution platforms.
  5. On Facebook, video advertisements are now just as successful as photographic marketing.
  1. Local videos on Facebook reach ten times the reach of YouTube connections.  Would you really like to extend your influence much further?  Display network advertisement is fantastic for addressing new opportunities on a budget, and technologies including our complimentary Smart Advertisement Creator make life simpler than before.
  2. If a business features inside the first three seconds of a video commercial customers are 23 percent more likely to recall it.
  3. Video advertisements are used by 75% of companies on Facebook.
  4. Over 75% of advertisers reported that Facebook Live aided in the growth of their company’s revenues.
  5. Approximately 25% of companies utilise Facebook Live on a weekly basis.
  6. In less than three seconds a Facebook video advertising generates 47 percent of the overall marketing cost.
  1. Each day, almost 500 million (half a BILLION) individuals access video on Facebook.
  2. Fb video advertising conversion rates are usually strongest for advertisements that are 16-20 seconds long.
  3. On Twitter, 82 percent of people consume video material.
  4. 90% of Twitter video viewing originates on a smart phone.
  5. During 2019 to 2020, video viewing on Twitter grew by 62%.
  6. Between 2019 to 2020, video view duration on Twitter grew by 72%.
  7. Nearly everyday, 2 billion videos are seen on Twitter, representing a 67 percent increase over last year.
  1. Twitter Advertisements reduce cost per interaction by greater than half.
  2. Twitter Video Advertisements with Website Buttons have double the click-through rate of regular smartphone advertisements and boost customer engagement by greater than 60%.
  3. Twitter video watching duration rose in all segments in 2020 compared to 2019.
  4. 77 percent of advertisers have been using IGTV to promote a content.
  5. Instagram video advertisements generate three times the amount of interaction as picture advertisements in the form of comments.
  6. Single video advertisements account about 25% of Instagram advertisements.
  1. In 2021, 58 percent of advertisers intended to utilise video advertising on Instagram.
  2. On a regular basis, over 70% of Instagram followers consume video material in the form of Stories.
  3. One in every four shoppers has bought a product after viewing an Instagram post.
  4. 63 percent of the time, smartphone Storylines commercials beat production company advertising.
  5. When both textual and video are provided on the very same subject, 59 percent of administrators think that video is much more inclined to be preferred.
  1. Organic business via SERPs increases by 157 percent when video is included.
  2. Videos under 2 minutes in length receive the maximum views.
  3. The majority of Videos on facebook are viewed without a soundtrack.

Final Lines

Video is a very effective marketing technique.  It may enhance your business messaging by appealing, influencing, and transforming more customers into prospects and profits. it is precisely  designed and incorporated into a content marketing strategy.

If you’d like to actively participate in video marketing, spend some time learning much more than you can concerning your potential customers.

Since these statistics demonstrate the effectiveness of video, they are however supported by hours of study and implementation by advertisers from all around the world, and they cover a wide range of industries.

To figure out what performs effectively for business, dedicate to producing high-quality content which provides valuation to your buyer’s experience prior making a purchase.