If you’re an electrician who doesn’t have the resources of large companies with dedicated sales and marketing departments, stick around.

As an Electric contractor, you shouldn’t avoid marketing your services. Absolutely not!

In this electrical contractor marketing guide,  whether you own a larger electrical company, work alone, or within a small family business. We will guide you with the basic internet marketing tips.

You can employ these electrician marketing techniques as they won’t take up too much of your resources and time.

Our electrical contractor marketing guide will help you get more jobs, reach new clients, and help grow your electrical business online.

Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing

An effective marketing strategy includes both inbound and outbound marketing. But, both are different in the way of they bring awareness to the people who are looking for your services.

Traditionally, the outbound marketing is a “conventional” or “classic” form of marketing. It includes “forced advertising methods,” such as television commercials, print advertisements, and printed billboards. In today’s world of digital marketing, along with other classical forms of advertising, online advertising also aligns with outbound marketing.

Inbound marketing includes content marketing, social media, and email marketing. Inbound marketing targets the right audience and allows people to give their consent before you advertise your services to them. Therefore, it is a less aggressive marketing approach as compared to outbound marketing.

While inbound marketing is often referred to as “permission marketing,” and outbound marketing is sometimes referred to as “interruption marketing.”

Outbound marketing costs 61% more than inbound marketing, according to Doyen Digital.

Hubspot reports show that 90% of marketers are still investing in outbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing includes creating well-optimized content, providing an opportunity to organically reach a target audience interested in your service or product. Additionally, pay-per-click advertisements have the ability to reach your target market in less time than a TV ad or billboard.

Moreover, inbound marketing encourages customers to come to you instead of forcing your message on everyone to see.

What’s the Best for Electrician Marketing?

Even though there are many reasons to practice inbound marketing for electrician business and if your budget allows you,  I would suggest to consider a mix of both outbound and inbound marketing strategies.

If you have a startup with a tight budget, focus strictly on inbound marketing. This opens the doors for SEO, and lets begin learning SEO for electricians.

SEO for Electricians

Businesses and homemakers are in constant need of experienced and skilled electricians.

That means, if you’re skilled and knowledgeable in your field, you can take advantage of digital marketing to grow your businesss. With the use of right SEO strategies, you’ll have a steady flow of leads coming to your door.

Research shows that 80% of local searches are converted into potential clients. In addition, if your site is mobile-friendly, then 37% of customers will purchase from you.

How to do SEO for electricians?

Electricians SEO refers to the techniques used to bring your website on top positions of the search engine results, that help your business gain more generate more leads.

The SEO strategy has been completely changed in home service business. These days, even small companies can list their business on Google to get good leads.

Days are gone when customers used to wander in the streets to look for a product or service. Now days customers depend on the internet before buying a product or service.

So, if you want to grow your business exponentially, invest in electrician marketing. This solution not only brings quality leads but also a budget-friendly approach to any traditional marketing source.

Most consumers focus on the first page and don’t even watch out for other pages to choose a service provider.

Research shows that first-page websites get 71% clicks as compared to the second and third pages.

To be on the first page of Google, your website is optmized for a set of most relevent and searched keywords about the services you offer.  As said earlier, these relevant keywords bring your site on top search positions and generates more traffic, clicks, and conversions.

According to research, the top 5 websites on the first page of Google account for 67% of all the clicks. On the other hand, the last 5 websites only get 3% of all the clicks.

Technical SEO Factors

Technical SEO means optimizing your electrical contractor website. Most marketers focus on SEO-friendly content for search engine rankings but the website’s technical factors plays a key role in positioning your website on top search results and giving your site visitors good experience. It starts with optmizing website for mobile,  improving the site speed, and focussing on other areas such as optimizing XML sitemaps, URL structure, navigation, and more.

Mobile-friendly website

Mobile-friendly websites are a must in this advanced digital era, where technology is bringing convenience to our lifestyle.

With the SEO statistics, majority of online searches are conducted on mobile phones and Google revealled they give preference to rank responsive or mobile friendly websites. So, it becomes important to invest in mobile friendly website.

The loading speed of website

Most of the online searchers, switch to other websites if your landing page does not load in 2 seconds. The loading speed depends on your  website-structure, technology used on webpages, site hosting infrastructure, and errors. Here are 4 ways you can use to optimize your loading speed:

  • Optmize for the HTTP requests.
  • Merge and combine large files.
  • Compress webpage, images and data.
  • Curtail the server response duration and optimize DNS

Image size

Optimizing your website for images is important to improve loading time of your site. It is important user experience factor for your site and in case your website takes more than 3 seconds to load, most probably the visitors will leave your site.

Large sized images take longer to download and your site visitors have to wait.

Loading time can be reduced significantly by compressing images but maintaing the quality of images is also important. You can do it by various means, like compressing, re-sizing, or changing the image format while saving.

Keywords for Electrician marketing

All your SEO efforts are kind of waste, if you are targeting right keywords for your business. If you have choosen wrong set of keywords, you are probally loosing big chunk market share to your competitors.

As said, keyword research is very important to generate leads for electrician, and if you choose and target the right keywords, it will help you get more clicks to your search results and drive right traffic to your website.

How to do Keywords research to generate leads for electrician?

Keyword research is a widely practiced strategy by SEO professionals to find high-volume search terms. Many Keyword research tools can help you in choosing the right keyword for your electrician business.

When choosing the keywords, ensure to analyze the following points.

  • The number of clicks a keyword gets.
  • Focus on “Short tail keywords” if your website is already securing high traffic; otherwise, target “long-tail keywords.”
  • Check and deeply analyze your competitor’s site to understand the whole game of keywords.

On-Page SEO in Electrician Marketing

If you want to achieve good results in the search engines, don’t ignore the optimizing factor. Off-page SEO works well when your on-page SEO elements have a good base.

[Read more in depth for on-page seo]

Keyword placement

The most important element of on-page SEO is keyword placement. Putting the right keywords in the right position helps drive traffic, quality leads, and conversions.

HTML tags

The Title or HTML tag is shown on the top when searching the website. It is an initial clue about the content and website. This tag contributes to an organic search engine, and it’s clickable.

Header tags

Header tags help in identifying the title and heading in your content. In addition, header tags make the website content user-friendly.

Meta description

It is the overall summary of your article or content. There is a limit of 160 characters for meta descriptions.  When you optimize meta tags, it can indirectly impact your Google rankings. A well-optimized meta description will lead to more traffic and clicks.

Create Unique Content

A huge chunk of words or a long list of articles won’t help in efforts on marketing for electrical contractors website. For long-term and overall growth, your content needs to add value to the readers, and should be 100% unique, short and precise, so that it can grab the readers’ attention without being very boring.

Keep your articles eye-catchy and informative.

Off-Page SEO

Do you want your electrician website to drive more organic traffic and lead conversions?

Well, for that, you seriously need an effective off-page SEO strategy. But, unfortunately, in most cases, the marketers understate and avoid off-page.

External linking

To win your customers’ trust, make sure to have another website’s external links. These links are usually from relevant authority websites and are used to reference certain sites or articles.

Top SEO experts say that external linking plays a vital role in Google ranking. That means external links are more viable than internal links because it is a third-party, neutral opinion.

Quality backlinks

Quality backlinks help your electrician website rank in Google search engines effortlessly. You can also utilize the power of guest posting or blogging to create high-quality, authority backlinks. In addition, writing free content or donating your write-ups to other websites serves as backlinks.

Local SEO to brand Electrician business

Local SEO is also another great way to brand your electrician’s websites. Visitors who are using location-based searches can be your potential long-term clients. For example, many people go to Google and search “Electricians near me.”  So, your business location must be integrating with Google Maps as it will provide high accuracy visibility to your local customers.

Bottom Line

Marketing strategies such as SEO (on-page & off-page) have changed the electricians’ business model by optimizing nature. It not only helps in improving the reach or visibility in local areas, but also helps your website to rank higher in top google searches.

If you plan and work on SEO, it will help you in attracting huge traffic. As a result, this optimization process helps target a huge audience to generate more leads, conversions, and sales.

If you have tried any of our electrician marketing techniques before, let us know in the comment section below!


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