It was once challenging to create a website. One required some set of skills and abilities to start coding and another group to produce appealing content.

Eventually, there were content management systems (CMS). This drastically revolutionized the method users handle material on the internet.

Registering a website has become as simple as setting up an account and assembling a few drag-and-drop designer components. Most CMS allows you to create attractive, responsive websites without understanding a single line of programming.

CMS has given individuals tremendous ability, empowering individuals to be the builders of their digital world.

Keeping attention on marketing data is a fantastic method to stay current and updated with the newest Content Management Statistics.

  1. According to a 2019 blogger study, 32% of respondents constantly monitor the statistics of their blog articles.
  1. Every month, WordPress users create around 70 million new articles and 77 million new responses.
  2. Blogs are one of the three significant kinds of media utilized in content strategy nowadays.
  3. In 2020, 89 percent of content marketers planned to employ blogging posts as part of the overall content development model.
  4. BuzzSumo discovered that blog posts with a picture per 75-100 words generated twice as many social media engagements than posts with fewer photos in an examination of approximately 1 million posts.
  1. WordPress is the content management solution of choice for 18% of marketing companies (CMS).
  2. Advertising spending is anticipated to increase by 14% in 2021.
  3. Desktop computers account for 83% of all traffic to promotional blog posts.
  4. Searching is the most popular way for people to find blog posts throughout all sectors.
  5. The world’s best blogs in the advertising business are approximately 5,700 words long.
  1. Posts with greater than 3,000 words receive 3 times the traffic, 4x the shares, and 3.5x the backlinks as smaller posts.
  2. In recent years, there has been a considerable growth in streaming content. Twitch, a live-streaming network, grew 14.3 percent yearly throughout 2020, with roughly 1.645 billion view hours monthly.
  1. Advertorials receive twice as many shares as other blog article styles.
  2. According to 51% of businesses, upgrading outdated content has been the most effective approach.
  3. Individuals who pursue recommendations using texts and images outperform those who obey instructions without visuals by 323 percent. Consider content marketing Ryan Robinson’s tutorial, including how to create a blog. He shows users how and when to start a blog using a perfect blend of text drawings, including infographics.
  4. The vast majority of businesses (67 percent) utilize visitors organically to examine the performance of their content.
  5. In comparison to alternative forms, 86 percent of businesses generate blogging material.
  1. 70% of advertisers are spending aggressively on content marketing.
  2. 49 percent of advertisers believe that video marketing is Indeed very Crucial to their marketing scheme, 22 percent believe it is Significant, and 19 percent believe that the overall plan would be meaningless without visual material.
  1. 78% of businesses have a staff of one to three content experts.
  2. Website traffic is one of the leading two most excellent, commonly used leadership indicators for content marketing initiatives.
  3. Customers prefer shorter narrative-styled Stories, backed by engaging Stories focused on questionnaires and polling, as the highest prominent Instagram Story styles, according to 35% of participants.
  1. Overall Sales is the most commonly used metric for determining the effectiveness of content marketing initiatives.
  2. In 2020, 24% of advertisers wanted to increase their spend on content management.
  3. According to Cisco, worldwide network traffic from video content will account for 82% of all consumers’ internet activity by 2022.
  4. Advertisers typically generate content for numerous target categories, with three being the most popular.
  5. Almost 40% of advertisers think content marketing is indeed a critical component of their entire marketing strategies.
  6. One of the most popular content marketing search terms is “Content Marketing Technique.
  1. 77 percent of businesses claim to possess a content advertising technique.
  2. Each day, approximately 500 million Instagram profiles utilize Stories, including 4 million companies operating monthly advertisements. 58 percent of those polled said they were more intrigued about a business or service after viewing it in Stories.
  3. 94 percent of advertisers utilize social networking to distribute web content.
  1. By 2020, Google’s search engines will be attempting to move beyond textual and include pictures, voice/podcasts, as well as video clips.
  2. There seem to be about 30 million podcasting programs available as of April 2020.
  3. Podcasting is currently acquainted with 75% of American citizens aged 12 and above, roughly 212 million individuals.
  4. Weekly podcast engagement is presently at 41%.
  1. WordPress is at the top of our ranking of CMS technologies, but when it concerns hosting solutions, nobody beats Tumblr. The blogging service has over 472 million accounts and therefore is growing in prominence, attracting additional users each month than the whole demographic of the United States.
  2. In the United States, 39 percent of men and 36 percent of women aged 12 and up listen to podcasts every month.
  1. Every month, podcasting addresses over 100 million American citizens.
  2. 45 percent of individuals aged 12 and above in the United States have heard audio inside a car using a mobile phone.
  3. By 2026, the worldwide CMS industry will generate $123.5 billion in sales.
  4. WordPress is among the most prominent content management technologies, with a whopping 61.9 percent worldwide dominance.
  5. Whenever individuals receive details, just 10% of it is expected to be remembered three days later.  Nevertheless, when the same data is coupled with a meaningful visual, customers perceive 65 percent of the details three days later.


From blogging to digital trading, content management technologies make it smoother for enterprises to accomplish their objectives. Understanding the above CMS marketplace data can give you a broader understanding of the technology sector.

Hundreds of different internet-based CMS, needless to include various content management technologies, are now available on the marketplace.

Catching up with the latest content marketing strategies and procedures may appear to be complex, given how rapidly the business changes and advances.

Furthermore, by focusing on the most recent Content marketing statistics, your company might effectively remain ahead in the competition.


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