Have you begun to design your 2021 social media marketing plan? Do you want to know whether LinkedIn could be a factor of your marketing strategic approach? LinkedIn is more than simply a professional networking site; it has evolved into a resource for finding excellent material.

Marketers nowadays utilize it not just to make professional contacts, however also to get material that can support them improve their marketing strategies. As a result, LinkedIn should be a key element of your marketing campaign.

LinkedIn is used by about 96 percent of all B2B marketers to promote content and generate organic traffic to their websites.  Whenever you write and share information regarding your profession on a regular basis, you strengthen your authority on the topic, which improves the trust that consumers and leads feel with your branding.

If you’re still not satisfied, these 42 statistics will persuade you to use LinkedIn as a marketing technique.

  1. More than 150 countries around the world have professional connections which is around 660 million consumers.  Approximately 30 million businesses are also housed on the website. LinkedIn’s development speed is two new users joining every second, as per the company.
  2. Europe has about 206 million customers of the 660 million LinkedIn members. The United States has approximately 167 million members, with the remainder coming from other nations and territories. The platform is available in a total of 24 languages.
  3. LinkedIn receives the greatest traffic from the United States, accounting for around 32.01 percent of all traffic. The United Kingdom comes in second with 7.22 percent, while India comes in third with 5.58 percent.
  1. American Samoa has the greatest LinkedIn audience advertisement reach by nation, at 98 percent. Bermuda comes in second with 95% and Iceland comes in third with 89%.
  2. When you join LinkedIn, each interaction you make connects you to 400 new individuals on average. You will also get access to over 100 new firms searching for your expertise or abilities, as well as links to 500+ positions on average.
  3. On LinkedIn, your brand has a higher opportunity of attracting and interacting with working professionals.  Marketers may now access over 600 million LinkedIn members.
  4. Marketers on LinkedIn possess a slightly better probability of targeting more males than women. The advertisement audience is made up of 56 percent men and 44 percent women.
  5. The network had 90 million high ranking influencers as of 2019. Decision-makers numbered 63 million, while opinion leadership totaled 17 million.
  6. Share interesting and informative stuff on LinkedIn. This material is used by 55% of decision-makers to choose which organization to collaborate with. One in every five investors believes it is the finest venue for learning about a topic.
  1. LinkedIn may be used to locate and exchange material with other industry professionals. Get industry news, professional advice, discover, get insights, and suggestions.
  2. Posting material on the platform increases overall content impressions by 15X. It serves a more professional and practical role. Giving your workers the ability to distribute your content leads to greater outcomes since you receive 2X higher levels of engagement.
  3. According to studies from the University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth, LinkedIn is the most popular platform amongst Fortune 500 firms. According to their findings, 98 percent of Fortune 500 firms utilize LinkedIn to communicate their story, recruit, and network.
  4. From July to December 2019, LinkedIn had a total of 844.11 million visitors. The typical LinkedIn user stayed on the network for 6 minutes and 55 seconds.
  5. LinkedIn receives 69.98% organic traffic and 23.70% via search. Organic searching accounts for 99.51 percent of their traffic.
  6. LinkedIn receives 35.45 percent of Facebook’s social networking traffic. Various social networks provide traffic to LinkedIn at a rate of 21.83 percent (YouTube), 15.90 percent (SlideShare), and 12.36 percent (Twitter).
  1. According to Pew Research, the majority of Americans have numerous social media accounts. For example, 90 percent of LinkedIn users also use Facebook. YouTube is used by 94% of people, whereas Instagram is used by 57%.
  2. Mobile devices are used by 57 percent of LinkedIn users to access the network. As a result, you must optimize your platform content for mobile.
  3. LinkedIn has about 190 million profiles in the United States. Every month, thirty thousand firms use it to recruit and publish over three million jobs.
  4. LinkedIn is used by 75% of individuals who switch employment to help them make their decision. If you hire someone using LinkedIn, they are 40% less prone to resign within the first 6 months.
  5. LinkedIn SlideShare enables professionals on LinkedIn to quickly share content. SlideShare has now over 18 million submissions in more than 40 categories.
  1. CoSchedule discovered that the ideal time to reach out to individuals on LinkedIn was during a working break.
  2. According to Pew Research, 27 percent of individuals in the United States use LinkedIn.
  3. Adults aged 25 to 34 make up the majority of LinkedIn users globally, accounting for 60%. The 18 to 24 age group comes in second with 21%.
  4. According to a Statista analysis of worldwide LinkedIn audiences by gender, in 2019, 57 percent of LinkedIn viewers were males, whereas 43 percent were females.
  5. We are Flint, a media firm, analyzed the number of LinkedIn subscribers by urbanity and discovered that 44 percent of web users in metropolitan areas use LinkedIn. Rural residents made up 27% of the population.
  1. When categorized by income, people with a salary of $100,000 or more account for 60% of all LinkedIn members in the United States. Those with a family income of $80,000 to $100,000 trail at 50%.
  2. According to Edison Research, 72 percent of full-time professionals in the United States utilize LinkedIn, comparable to 10 percent of part-time employees. Students accounted for 5% of all users, whereas other people accounted for 13%.
  3. Edison also discovered that 64 percent of whites in the United States use LinkedIn, compared to 16 percent of Hispanics. African Americans made up 6% of the population, whereas others made up 14%.
  4. On LinkedIn, there are 30 million corporate profiles. The site is well-liked by both job searchers and employers. Most of these corporate accounts, however, are the product of LinkedIn automatically establishing company pages.
  5. In the United States, only 3.7 percent of LinkedIn application users are frequent users.  They use the app twice or three times each month. 49.6 percent of users are inactive.
  1. LinkedIn is used by B2B advertisers to build connections with professionals in their targeted audience. You may generate high-quality leads for your company while expanding your professional network.
  2. Whenever it comes to distributing information to multiple social media platforms, 94 percent of B2B marketers turn to LinkedIn first.
  3. When it comes to professionally relevant material 91 percent of marketers say LinkedIn is the best place to go.
  4. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter account for 90% of social traffic to B2B websites and blogs. And LinkedIn accounts for half of this traffic.
  5. LinkedIn provides high-quality leads since four out of every five individuals on the network are in charge of making business choices. LinkedIn members have double the purchasing power of the ordinary web audience.
  6. According to eMarketer, LinkedIn accounts for around one-fifth of all B2B digital ad spending in the United States. The platform also has a mobile market share comparable to desktop. As a result, it’s an excellent platform for reaching mobile customers.
  1. LinkedIn’s sales navigator assists marketers in targeting the ideal consumers, personalizing their pitch, and comprehending crucial information. Marketers that utilize it receive +18% greater pipeline while looking for clients. They also have a +7% better victory rate when concluding transactions.
  2. LinkedIn is the most popular social media channel for B2B marketing. LinkedIn is used by 89 percent of marketers, while Twitter is used by 86 percent and Facebook is used by 82 percent.
  3. LinkedIn is preferred by B2B marketers for organic digital marketing. The majority of them also believe that LinkedIn is the network with the finest social media marketing outcomes.
  4. OkDork discovered that the longer your LinkedIn postings are, the stronger the outcomes. Posts containing word counts ranging from 1900 to 2000 words scored better and received more interaction.
  1. OkDork discovered a link between the amount of views as well as other LinkedIn data as well. More views, depending on the correlation statistics equate more likes, shares, and opinions.
  2. LinkedIn has increased income for B2B marketers. LinkedIn was responsible for 43% of sales, Facebook was responsible for 24%, and Twitter was responsible for 20%.

Final Words

That’s all we’ve got for now! We scoured the internet to compile this thorough LinkedIn statistics compilation. The data given here are amongst the most important statistics for organizations wanting to learn more regarding LinkedIn.

We feel it is the greatest approach to increase brand recognition and sales for B2B firms right now. Because LinkedIn is constantly improving its advertising network, the options for focusing in the B2B market are nearly limitless.

These LinkedIn statistics will assist you in better understanding the network and how top advertisers utilize it. The information might assist you in developing a successful LinkedIn marketing approach. If you haven’t started implementing it yet this is the opportunity. Your rivals are there, therefore you ought to be everywhere your target demographic and customers exist.