93% of all the interactions on the Internet (the virtual world) start with a quick Google search. Due to quick Google search, Google is being accessed by approximately 77,000 users every twenty-four hours. That makes approximately 2 trillion hits a month. 

3.2 billion People visit social media platforms daily. This is almost 40% of the world’s population. 98% of marketing experts believe they are making sales through social media platforms. Now that is massive. 

An average user spends 142 minutes on social media every day. 

And another research by HubSpot suggested that 71% of them will recommend your content to more and more people if you have convinced them.

The virtual life, the life on the Internet, and marketing in the digital virtual world are growing, and growth is constant. To compete with the world, you have to keep yourself updated or equipped with the latest information. And growth in the marketing field is very fast. 

The moment you stop, you lose. That is why lagging is the last thing you want to face, especially if your business is a new start-up. You can’t lose from your competitors because they constantly evolve and learn to acquire new customers now and then. 

So, what is happening now in the industry and how to prepare yourself should be the two most important questions you need to answer. 

Well, if you ask me, I would say follow the trends. Read what new in SEO and be creative. You don’t have to be an orthodox entrepreneur. You can, and you should break the rules and make new ones as long as you are getting the financial benefit, increased user base, and bigger internet footprint. 

To help you, I will be sharing the five most important pieces of advice for you to follow while you prepare yourself with future content marketing, digital marketing, and SEO. 

Digital Psychology

From technicality to psychology, you need to make this shift now. If you want to retain your customers, then you have to understand your customer psychology. Human behavioral analysis is very important. 

Gerald Zaltman, a Harvard professor, stated that 95% of humans purchases in their lifetime are done subconsciously. 

That is for digital psychology. You will have to learn to be compelling enough to convince your customer’s subconscious mind through multiple touchpoints about a product that you want to sell. 

Funny as it may be, your customer will buy the product if it’s in his subconscious even though he doesn’t need it at all, and may you will never use it. 

In comparison to the traditional marketing methodologies, digital psychology is a relatively new field. It combines psychology and behavioral analysis to observe and highlight human patterns.

Digital psychology will help you understand how and why a customer is behaving in a certain way towards a specific product. You can build your customer profile and pitch him the things he might want to buy. 

Customer Experience 

In today’s digital world, a customer experience drives your whole business. It is the only direct channel that will either take you to new heights or destroy your business completely. Customer experience is referred to the channel a business truly owns.

Oracle reported that 86% of customers were interested in paying more to get better customer service. At the same time, 89% of customers shifted to competitors due to poor customer experience. 

With COVID and changes in economic dynamics, customer experience will be the key identifier in your business. This is why now customer experience has been added in the Google Broad Core Algorithm update. 

There are three identifiers defined by Google, which will be evaluated, and if your website failed at any of these four identifiers, Google would not rank your website. These 3 identifiers are:

  • Largest Content Paint
  • Cumulative Layout Shift:
  • First Input Delay

I am sure that by now you understand how important it is for you to ensure a good customer experience because lousy word of mouth will surely affect your business in the future.

Front-End Code

You need to understand some parts of front-end coding. Yes, you can get along well without knowing it. Or using plugins to solve your problems, but that will end up costing you more than you can save. 

Now you need to understand that small tweaks can bring a major impact on the display of your website. If you are an entrepreneur, you would be required to set aside a specific set of finances for your developers. But on the other hand, if you learn to do some by yourself, you will save your time and save a lot of money. 

It is never difficult to learn new things. Coding is no doubt difficult, but it is interesting. It is interesting to see how small changes make a big impact. 

And on top of that nowadays everything is online. You don’t have to be in a class physically to learn to code. There are many online coding websites, i.e., W3Schools, Code Academy, and Treehouse, where you can learn front-end code yourself.

Video Marketing

Here is something very common and is now mostly being used by everyone on all social media platforms. It is video marketing of the product you want to sell. 

In 2021, HubSpot conducted a survey that resulted in 87% of business owners using video marketing services.

Another survey suggested that 90% of the consumers find themselves at ease with a product video demonstration. These people reported that it was easier for them to decide on the product with a video of the product.

Well, I have to say, like many other things, if you want to take your business to the top using your digital marketing skills, then you need to start doing video marketing as well.  This will help you gain a perspective of how to utilize video content to market your product and prepare a video marketing strategy.

Video content will increase your social engagement and watch time. Everyone loves to watch a video. As long as it is convincing and engaging, it will help you grow your business. You can get extensive social engagement, enlarge your social footprint. 

You can get your content to be shared and reach the masses. It will build your brand’s reputation. And on top of everything, it will help you improve your ranking and SEO. 

What about interactive video content? Think about it, engaging your customer inside your video, giving him the ability to choose, and convincing him to leverage his consciousness. If that’s not creative future marketing, then what is?

Digital Analytics

The name defines itself. You need to know how well your marketing strategies are. What needs to be changed, and what impact will the change make? Yes, you need to know it all. 

So basically, in a data-driven virtual world, marketers with no experience in digital analytics will be a problem. I mean to say, what good you will be if your digital analytics is not good. 

Digital analytics is the analysis of qualitative and quantitative data. It is the competition to continuously improving your marketing strategy, optimizing skills to maintain the online user experience. You need to understand the “why” of your customer through digital psychology. 

Digital analytics is the knowledge of the “what” of your customer. And you need to understand both digital psychology and digital analytics. 

Google has made a course on Google Analytics, Tag Manager, and Data Studio. These are all free to take courses, and I recommend that you take all of these courses for awareness. The University of Illinois is also offering multiple courses in digital analytics on Coursera.

So that’s it; these are five digital skills that you should equip yourself with to ensure that your business stays at the top in 2021 till the end of time.

Bottom Line

With the ever-evolving digital marketing industry, it is now very important for you to keep yourself up-to-date with the most recent activities, system upgrades, and trends.

I have tried my best to share with you the stats to convince you to update your marketing strategy. I am hoping that these stats will give clear insights into digital marketing. These would help you shed some light on the marketing techniques and strategies that you need to know. 

These tricks and techniques also enable you with ideas that can be used to grow your business, make it competitive, and maybe become the leader.

What are you waiting for then, are all these stats are not enough to convince you to improve your marketing strategy?


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