LinkedIn is one of the most overlooked yet underrated social media platforms for businesses. There are over 500 million regular users on LinkedIn. From over 200 countries, it has 9 million registered business profiles

But the quality of users is more important than the numbers. Let me share that how well users engage on this social platform. Of all the registered LinkedIn users, 44% have earned over $75,000 while 75% of users have income over $50,000.

Five hundred company executives are on LinkedIn, and a recent survey report shows that 76% of them check and update their LinkedIn posts daily.

So, in short, LinkedIn brings in the most leads.

If you think that the only way to bring leads on LinkedIn is via group, then let me correct you. LinkedIn posts and articles are the best way to generate more leads.

These articles or posts are just like a status update. Let me show you how.

You can get a ton of Engagement, shares, views, and comments on LinkedIn posts. But how is it possible, and what’s the best way to do it?

Let me explain techniques and a strategy in detail.

 First of all, let me share the strategy of influential LinkedIn members (already ranked).

This strategy includes some of the best practices that these ranked LinkedIn users were applying

I would also suggest you follow these processes to make success.

By following these practices, you can boost your LinkedIn engagement.

LinkedIn is more about Influence

Before opening up the process box, let me share the philosophy behind it.

LinkedIn is all about Influence, yes it is.

It is said that the number one thing that people want to chase on LinkedIn is numbers.

But that’s just a myth! The real value on LinkedIn is your Influence, not the number of followers or connections in your network.

We all know that LinkedIn only shows a max of 500 connections in a network.

Let’s take an example.

 If you check Bill Gates on LinkedIn, he has a huge following 32,678,265.

Thousands of people view, like, comment, and engage with his posts.

Your network can grow strong, If you have a first-level or personal connection with Bill Gates on LinkedIn.

To be more influential, you must have authority and voice instead of more connections; that’s what matters.

Now, let’s dig deeper into the article. I will explain, “How to boost your authority and voice,” not your number of connections.

Find the actual size of your network

Several years ago, LinkedIn showed the number of first-degree, second-degree, and third-degree connections you’d.

Look at it here.

To check your network size, go to your profile’s home page and then click on the “Me” in the upper right bar.

Now, it will show an option of “view profile.” Click on it.

From your network page, click “See Connections” on the right sidebar.

Here, on this page, you can see all of your first-level connections.

That number is actually the real size of your network.

Now, to check the size of your network beyond the first-degree connections, click the “Search Connections” on the upper-right bar.

If you type “*”  and press enter, then it will show your first-level connections again.

Now to filter the options, you will see “Filter People.” It will show you the following options

Click the “2nd or 3rd ” button.

Now, it displays the size of your networking 2nd and 3rd-degree connections.

The display might look something like this. (It can get a little bit confusing.)

Now, let me share the meaningful process to get you more leads and Influence.

Build the proper foundation to have Influence

In order to get more post views, you need to have a strong LinkedIn influence.

To build your presence, here’s a quick guide to help you.

  1. Choose your best professional profile picture.
  2. Make your profile strong and more polished by honest description.
  3. Don’t add random people until you know them. Add people to make your network strong.
  4. To reach out to your target audience, be consistent in link sharing, posts, and articles.
  5. To build a strong LinkedIn network, give it at least 15 minutes a day. Do this in just four weeks and see your results.

Check your present Influence

To find out the number of views on your posts, go to your profile by clicking “Me” in the top right corner.

Then, press the “View Profile” button.

Here you’ll see some of your recent profile views and also your past post views.

Here you can click on each post you’ve shared and check the views.

This information helps you to understand the response of your network on your posts.

You can further dig out that how many specialists from your field were looking at this post. This is a really helpful insight to see your target audience.

This information is available in each article/post summary,

  1. The affiliations or companies.
  2. Titles and location of your viewers
  3. The first, second, third-degree network of your viewers
  4. How they found your article?

Always keep an eye on these numbers and stats because they’ll change on every post and timing you’ve shared.

For example, if you post about digital marketing, you’ll get more views, clicks, shares, likes, and Engagement from digital marketers, but maybe not as many from pet lovers.

After you closely monitor these numbers, you’ll learn about the interest of your network. And you’ll probably understand how to give the best of best.

What to post on LinkedIn?

Let us discuss “what to post on LinkedIn?”

It is all about quality content.

If your LinkedIn circle consists of influencers, mentors, corporate owners, mentees, professionals, HR, and managers, then value their time.

Post something that matters, add value, depth, and quality to their life.

You want them to see you as a person of intelligence and Influence.

Do not share some random crap that popped into your head, and it won’t stay long.

Tactics to generate the highest level of Engagement

Relevant posts to your network

To decide what you post, always check the people want to influence.

Another most important factor is to be aware of their interests.

Though, It varies from niche to niche. But whatever you post, it should be relevant and adds value to your network.

Your posts should solve problems

In addition to being relevant, your post should target the relevant issues and offer their solutions.

Use the first person when you post

This point is easy to overlook but important. Always write from the first person’s own experiences and stories. Use the words “I,” “me,” and “my.”

This creates a sense of a real person talking to real people.

Let’s take an example of Richard Branson’s posts

It gives a sense of personal connection. Thus, his posts are more compelling, attractive, and bring more Engagement.

Use of human images/pictures

It’s not about posting sexy pictures but images of people relevant to the post.

A post with a picture of a face will perform much better than posts with no image.

Your original Posts

If possible, write your own content.

Now, let me guide you about “how to write an article on LinkedIn?”

Go to your homepage and press “write article.”

It will take you to a new page. Now all you have to do is start writing.

By creating quality and relevant content, you are increasing your chances of LinkedIn influence.

As I’ve already said, the best way to make an impact on your network is to publish original content.

Bottom Line

By mixing all these post ingredients together, you will see a boost in your content engagement.

Another most important process to make your posts engaging is your consistency.

Now, that’s the star ingredient to have a super-engaging post on LinkedIn.

If you follow all the tips and processes, you’ll be rewarded with incremental engagement levels on each post.

Remember always to list down your post intention, target audience, value, and strategy.

In that way, you’ll build respect, gain more influencers, build trust and respect. Of course, your post engagement will be maximized.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comment box and don’t forget to share your experience with LinkedIn posts.  

What secret strategies you’re applying to increase your content engagement?


Nikita is an expert SEO Content Writer, with expertise in creating unique write-ups in DIGITAL MARKETING.