Meta: A list of 9 best social media tools for a successful social media campaign regardless of its scale or objective.

Will you trust a mechanic to fix your car without the right equipment? No, you won’t. Then why would you trust yourself to develop a successful social media campaign without the right social media tools?

Social media marketing tools are software products designed to help businesses develop a strong digital presence, foster good relations with their customers and maintain their social reputation.

In this article, we begin by discussing the importance of social media tools and continue with our pick of top tools that can position your social media marketing campaign for success.

So, without further ado, let’s dive in!

The Importance of Social Media Marketing Tools.

With more than 3.8 billion users, social media has become a super power in digital marketing. And any business that neglects the powers of social media, or fails to use them right, is destined for a future that’s not too bright. (It’s totally dark actually. But we don’t want to be too negative.)

To succeed on social media, you need insights, data, and knowledge of your audience. Besides that, you need to have consistency in your digital presence and have to ensure its integrity as well.

And how do you do all this? With social media tools.

You may wonder if these tools are really all that important. And to put your doubts to rest, yes, these tools are critical for the success of your social media campaign.

Let us drill in this statement with an example.

Say you have a small online shop selling skincare products. You want more people to know about your products, and need more sales. So, you decide to establish your brand on social media.

Quality and consistency are two important requirements of social media success. With a business to run, you will most likely not have time to research and generate quality content and publish it regularly.

As a result, you will fail to harness the powers of social media and use them to reach your goals.

However, if you deploy tools for generating content ideas, and invest in applications that offer automatic post scheduling, you will have a better chance at social media success.

Because now, these tools will help you develop well-researched, high-quality content. And they will post this content automatically, once scheduled, enabling you to maintain a consistent digital presence.

Therefore, social media tools can help you turn a failing social media marketing strategy and position it for unprecedented success. Given that, you have the right tools and you use them correctly.

Talking about the right tools, find our pick of the best social media marketing tools in the next section.

9 Tools for A Successful Social Media Marketing Campaign

Here are 9 tools that every business owner can benefit from when launching their social media campaign:


Buzzsumo is one of the most critical tools in a content marketer’s arsenal.

The viability of this tool can be estimated from the praise it receives from content gurus like Neil Patel and Brian Dean.
Buzzsumo, a cloud-based product, works across the four main domains of social media marketing, i.e. content discovery, content research, PR monitoring, and influencer research.

Its content discovery feature helps you find out what’s trending in your social circle and helps you create well-performing posts.

Content quality is of paramount importance when it comes to social media, or any medium, for that matter. Buzzsumo’s content research tool offers the data and insights you need to create well-researched and factually authentic content.

It helps you launch successful influencer marketing campaigns by helping you find the right influencers.

If all of that isn’t enough, this power-packed tool also offers key metrics and insights to help you analyze the performance of your campaign.


The door of social media success unlocks with multiple keys. But consistency is the most important of them. Buffer promises consistency.

Buffer offers automatic content scheduling and posting, with which it helps with effective planning and publishing of content across multiple social handles through a single dashboard.

This feature enabled Buffer to prove its worth to the American news giant, Business Insider, which it discusses in a case study.

Buffer helped Business Insider develop a consistent content publishing schedule. As a result of Buffer’s intervention, Business Insider’s Facebook following grew to a whopping 1 million+ followers, while their workflows were disentangled and the stress reduced. Which, consequently enabled the BI team to focus on creating better content.

Apart from content scheduling, Buffer also makes it easier for you to track the performance of your social media marketing strategy. It does so by displaying the performance metrics of your content strategy across various platforms through a single dashboard and generating insightful reports.


Hoot suite helps with planning, scheduling, and publishing posts on social media. Thus it enables you to stay consistent with posting quality content across your digital handles.

With its automatic scheduling and publishing feature, it acts like your own social media assistant. You tell it what to post and when, and it does it, on time, everytime.
Not only that, your little social media assistant goes an extra mile and tracks the performance of each of your social posts. Bringing back insightful reports that tell you what’s working and what’s not.

Hootsuite, with its automatic scheduling and posting features, helped The British Museum uplift their social presence and live up to their audiences’ expectations. It discussed its success in a case study.

The British Museum used HootSuite to post medium-appropriate content on their different social handles. Moreover, it helped them track the performance of each of their posts and fine tune their content strategy.

Using HootSuite, The British Museum saw a 141% increase in its twitter following, 123% increase in its Instagram followers, and a 20% raise in its Facebook fans.


You may be okay with whatever people talk about you in life. But when it’s business, you have to know what’s being said.

Tools such as SocialMentions help discover where and how your brand’s name is being mentioned. With this tool, you get real-time updates about customer sentiments, feedback, and insights into their attachment with your products or services.Just like it tells you what people are saying about a brand, it also tells you what is being discussed about a particular topic. In this way, it gives you an insight into what’s trending and helps you create social media posts and content that align with the latest trends and garner audience engagement.For example, you are thinking about creating a post about Skincare. You type in the keyword into the SocialMention search box and land on hundreds of results and important metrics as shown in the images above. These results and metrics will give you an idea of what content you can create around this keyword and how well it is expected to perform.


Sendible is yet another posting and analysis tool. But what makes it different is that it claims to support integrations with more than 30 social networks and tools including Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google My Business, etc.Just like HootSuite, it helps you streamline your content strategy and develop a strong and consistent presence on social media with automatic scheduling.
Additionally, it allows collaborations with teams and clients. Which means you can share the social content you have created with your team or client through this tool and they can approve or edit it conveniently.


Tools like Canva help you captivate your audience and make them stop scrolling with eye-catching graphics.

Canva is a graphic designing tool. Built with social media in mind. It is exceptionally user friendly and has built-in templates for all the different dimensions of common social media posts, like instagram stories, carousels, etc.

Instagram has more than a billion users. And its carousel posts garner the highest genuine engagement.

Canva offers the perfect way to seize this opportunity and helps create attractive, and eye-catching content for Instagram and other platforms. It has templates dedicated to carousel posts. So, you can easily create highly engaging content and your brand can thrive with increased brand recognition, enhanced engagement and better reach.


33% organizations fell victim to one to ten social media cyberattacks in 2019. Therefore, taking the security of your social handles lightly can quickly turn out to be one of your gravest mistakes.


Because, when it comes to social media, even one wrong post can lead to disastrous consequences.

Imagine you have a skincare brand with a strong Instagram following. One fine day, a hacker breaks into your Instagram handle and posts inappropriate content on your feed and DMs this material to all your followers.

What do you think will happen?

Not only will you lose a significant amount of followers, but your social reputation will be tarnished and the brand you worked so hard to build will collapse.

Therefore, it is important to invest in tools that offer social media protection.

SecureMySocial is a social media security tool that monitors the activity on your social media and provides real-time alerts when anyone posts anything that’s dangerous or breaches the community guidelines.
It addresses legal, regulatory, business and human risks of social posting, and alerts the social media users, in real-time, if there is a post, or any activity that can put them in danger.Social Snap

Social Snap is a WordPress plugin that lets your audience share your posts on their social media.

Social snap connects your website with your social media and helps you generate more shares.

It allows you to add highly customizable and responsive social share buttons on your web page and includes buttons for more than 30 social networks. Not only that, but it also features the total number of shares, which gives a convenient insight into how popular your post is.
Therefore, if you have a brand which relies on blog content, this WordPress plugin is a must-have in your social media marketing arsenal.


Influencer marketing is a multi-billion dollar industry. Upfluence helps you tap into it and use it for your benefit.

With its vast database of more than 3 million influencers and AI-driven tools, Upfluence helps you launch your influencer campaign by helping you find the right influencers.

It carries data-driven insights about an influencer’s social presence and uses these insights to highlight the influencers whose fans’ demographic match your audiences’ and whose style complements your brand and tone.

In this way, it sets you up for success with influencer marketing and helps you measure this success with an advanced analytics dashboard that gives an insight into the ROI, engagements, leads, and conversions earned through influencer marketing.


Social media tools are a must-have for a successful social marketing campaign.

Since the popularity of social media as a business medium, these tools have evolved to offer more than you can imagine.

Now, you can find tools to help you generate content ideas and perform research, like Buzzsumo. You can invest in tools like HootSuite, Buffer, or Sendible to manage your content schedule for you. For content designing you can get tools like Canva. And, if that’s not enough, there are tools like SecureMySocial to protect your social media from cyberattacks.


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