US Based clothing brand used SMS marketing alongside email to their customer journey and generated thousands of dollars in a single weekend using GetResponse SMS Platform.

With their anticipation for SMS building, The ecommerce brand wanted to get started quickly, so we worked closely with them to enable a fast and painless experience.

With SMS, email, and analytics all in place from using GetResponse, brand saved time, resources, and the human resources it takes to manage multiple platforms.

To collect more phone numbers, we modified their footer footer to collect phone numbers using their custom html marker form.  Along side we added the custom popups, that were shown to collect phone numbers during different weekend offers where we asked people to subscribe to text messages for exclusive updates.

With such strategy, clothing brand was able to collect thousands of phone numbers in two weeks.

We also helped them to creat a specific Cyber Weekend workflow and sent message those new subscribers and drive them to exclusive sales and promotions through SMS automation. One of the main drivers of success was use of personalization for each customer. Each text included data that’s stored on the customer’s profile—it took just two clicks to add this information to the message.


After scaling up their organic traffic footprint through e-commerce seo over the past two years, clothing was looking for a new owned marketing channel to help them accomplish their primary goals: removing friction for shoppers and expanding their online presence.

The 2020 e-commerce boom encouraged leadership to rethink their online and in-store experiences, placing customer ease and strategic fulfillment at the forefront.

To understand their customers better, brand conducted surveys and selected handful of the customers to conduct interviews, and it was revealled that customers loved their brand but unable to shop easily online and even some times, they find it harder to discover online promotions.

Retailer needed to tap into their physical locations as fulfillment centers to create seamless customer experiences. Then, they needed to translate the best elements of their in-store experience—product discovery and creative inspiration—into equally memorable digital ones. 

In nutshell, the brand identified their goal was to make it easy and delightful for consumers to shop, no matter weather they choose to visit store inperson or online.


We worked closely with the IT and Engineering team and launched their SMS marketing channel to expand, engage, and nurture their community of customers. The retailer agreed to invest on paid social media ads, in 2019 to create highly personalized experiences that foster discovery and drive immediate traffic to their website and physical locations.

We also planned along side to integrated SMS channel through GetResponse with a lot of our tech stack—from integrating with their existing loyalty program to collecting opt-ins at point of sale.

According the company’s Executive Director. “Majority of the work was understanding the business, and creating the personalized experiences that required collaboration and lots of brainstroming with innovative ideas between the partners.

Brand is focused on delivering personalized experiences to their online subscribers but there needs to be strong testing system in place to conduct A/B testing on different messages. So we used our propritory message testing system to find right blend of messages at right time aligned with geo-targeting, and segmentation capabilities.

System automatically tailors text messages to shoppers’ preferences. “Consumers have become used to receiving impersonal updates,” said CEO. “Unique Text messaging gave opportunity to tell quick, focused stories that resonate with different sent of audience groups. With the use of automation and segmentation capabilities, we’re able to tell multiple stories to multiple audiences, driving increased engagement.


Over the years clothing brand has built their community of loyal brand followers. All they needed is to ignite their inspirations by offering creative ideas at every step of the journey. They’ve replicated their signature in-store clienteling and discovery experiences on their text channel, helping shoppers feel supported and understood.

Nurturing loyal shoppers

We worked closely with brand to built a sophisticated welcome journey to nurture shoppers as soon as they sign up for texts. The series of welcome messages were—sent over period of 2 weeks—is designed to amplify other marketing and company-wide initiatives. Different promotions were featured during the 2 week time along with unique brand messaging was also sent.

We heavily used SMS to drive engagement through personalization combined with inspiration through creative ideas.”

Combining online and in-person store experiences

Earlier brand used to ship all of their online orders, through fulfillment centers as a result there was less customer foot-print on the physical stores at local locations. Since brand already had nationwide presence with more than 600 across US and Canada and to utilize the benefit of physical stores, they also focused on turning stores into fulfillment centers as well. This improved customer experiences, and helped brand to introduce – Buy online, pick up in-store (BOPIS) and curbside pick up shopping options have removed friction for shoppers. They don’t have to enter their address details or wait for their order to ship and then wait for many days to get the order shipped from central wherehouse. Instead, they can pick up their items from their nearest store location.

With the location-specific events and promotions, we send geo-targeted messages personalized to subscribers’ locations. Subscribers can simply click through to find directions to their closest store. Location specific offers, has huge oppourtunity to drive foot traffic to the stores.


Over the past year, we have seen a steady increase in SMS-attributed traffic to their e-commerce site. With the introduction to SMS Marketing combined with ecommerce SEO, paid social media ads, we were able to deliver 6x increased engagement with 190x ROI to the overall spend.

By tailoring their SMS campaigns to subscribers’ interests, we were able to drive engagement around branding goals through inspirational and educational content. With 61% increase in customer growth through new registrations within the period of 2 years.


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