Do you want to have an organized digital marketing plan for your roofing business?

The Internet offers a large variety of opportunities for your roofing company to reach out to more leads.

This article will discuss the essential roofing marketing techniques to achieve precious leads to maximize the Return on investment.

Digital marketing for the roofing industry offers authentic strategies to attract new leads, drive sales and various referrals. So, we recommend you invest in Roofing marketing to keep your business ahead of your rivals.

Roofing Industry Statistics

  • The roofing industry will reach nearly $20 billion by the end of 2021.
  • As per the survey in 2018, roofers reported a growth of 65% in both sales and revenue.
  • More than 65% of the potential customers prefer to experience AI and virtual roofing solutions.
  • 78% of the customers are generated via employees’ referrals.
  • 68% of the customers asked roofing professionals for solar-based roofing solutions.
  • Demand for roofing replacement is more in North America which is approximately 90% of the market’s volume and value.
  • Only 57% of the roofing professionals utilize estimation software for a better customer experience.
  • The market size of roofing contractors in the US is growing faster than the construction industry.
  • Roof replacements cover up to 90% of the roofing industry.
  • Only 57% of roofing contractors believe in national training and certification programs.

Why Roofing SEO is important?

  • More than 80% of the roofing websites follow generic website designing concepts that lack Roofing SEO techniques.
  • Roofing SEO improves the lead conversion ratio by 90%.
  • 90% of buyers prefer the internet to solve their house restoration needs.
  • According to Google Ads, More than 1.2 million searches for roofing service each month.
  • SEO to deal with Google’s algorithm to deliver the best rank to your website.
  • On-page SEO is the only factor responsible for more than 85% of Google Site Ranking factors.
  • SEO with location-based keywords improves better website rankings in the local market.
  • 40% of the users prefer to hire local roofing contractors for better satisfaction and deals.

Local SEO for Roofing companies

You might have seen various roofing companies grab the top search engine positions. Their leading role in the list helps them grab more business opportunities than others down in the search list.

Do you want  to grab the top position on the search engines  for your roofing company?

To achieve the desired results, you need to work on various on-page SEO factors to position yourself in the search engine results. We recommend trying out the local SEO techniques, which can help marketing your roofing business in a specific area to generate more leads and stand out amongst the competitors.

Invest in Local SEO for roofing companies

The Local SEO is a type of online marketing that enhances the reach of your roofing  business to the local area and helps in promoting your services and offerings to the local customers.

You need to plan things in an advanced  and updated format to formulate your website’s contents with search engine algorithms. A search engine executes multiple mathematical algorithmic calculations which check and analyze your business website. If your content matches with the algorithms, then it lists your website to the customers.

Proper implementation of Local SEO helps in Listing your business on Google and other search engines.

Let’s check out some of the best Local SEO practices to enhance your roofing company’s reach on search engine lists.

Use location-specific keywords

We all want to grow our business, and to reach the top position in search results requires precise implementations of keywords. It is essential and mandatory to use location-based keywords in your roofing websites and other social media content.

There are multiple keyword tools available out in the market. Some of them are free, and premium ones come with paid subscriptions. Use keyword research to find the best rankable keywords for your roofing SEO campaign .

It is a great move to research more to dig deep for more roofing-specific keywords. Proper implementation of these keywords boosts the growth rate of your brand’s website and enhances the online reach.

Always think as a consumer who wants to use your services. So, what search terms will he/she use to grab find your services?

Some search terms examples are roofers, roof repair, roofing services, roofing contractors, and many more.

Now ranking your website for such generic keywords, will take time due to competition and there are chances, the customers visiting your website after searching generic keywords may not be from the areas you offer your services.

To get results faster, local SEO is the key to get your business ranked on Google and start driving leads, To start with Local SEO for your roofing company, it is important to invest time in keyword research.  Try to find location specific keywords for your business. s. Your customer will search for services using location-specific keywords.

For example, Roofers Lancaster County, Los Angeles CA roof repair, Roofing services Los Angeles CA, etc.

Proper use of location and area-specific keywords will support your roofing website to rank top on Google’s search list much faster with lesser competition

Implement keywords uniformly on website

Holding many high-ranking keywords is of no use unless and until you implement them uniformly on your official business website. You need to be specific and technically sound to incorporate the keywords into your website and social network content. According to the SEO Experts Official statement, keywords should be implemented properly on your website through the use of Meta and Title tags. Improper keyword implementation could result in lower rankings.

When customers search for similar keywords, your business will appear higher in the list. You need to work more on your homepage with precise location-specific keywords. It helps Google’s algorithm to match the search terms. It improves your local SEO performance; thus, your website will get top position in the listings.

It is always simpler to rank a website that is loaded with SEO-friendly blogs and articles. If your website fulfills the above condition, use the location-based keywords in your content’s titles and metadata.

When you implement these keywords to the titles and metadata for your service pages, homepage, and blogs or articles, it eventually boosts the ranking of your websites in Google’s search results.

Use of Proper Name, Address, and Phone Number on website

This technique helps to get your business ranked locally, and is very important for promoting your business in the  local market through NAP citations.  Adding the main office address on the footer of the website or other areas of the website such as contact pages,  also helps in boosting search engine rankings.

Local Business Directories

If you are a local roofing business owner and it’s been a challenge to build positive brand value and awareness around your local community. Almost every small local roofing business indeed has to deal and compete with big reputed roofing companies. It mainly occurs because you don’t focus on professional business websites.

A robust online presence plays a vital role in generating potential business deals. All local roofing companies and businesses must work on online identity to improve their brand value and awareness. This technique helps the business to reach more potential customers.

The use of local business directories serves a significant role in enhancing awareness using localization and online business directories. These directories help in gaining more leads for your business which improves the Local SEO too.

We can’t deny that local listing services and business directories help a roofing business to compete. It enables the company to be more specific about their customers’ needs and queries. It also provides a business owner with precise knowledge about market trends, including service and product-specific requirements.

Check out some of the best advantages of Local listing services and directories for your roofing company:

Accurate Updated Contact Information

Local Listing Techniques are Cost-Effective

Improves Your Local Visibility

Better Ranking on Search Engines

Gathering Consumer’s Reviews and Testimonials

It helps Google’s algorithm to recognize the website and its location of service more precisely. The search engine returns  your business to the user’s queries based on specific areas. 

Opt for Google’s My Business Account

It is one of the essential Local SEO techniques to reach your potential customer base. We suggest you create a Google My Business Account to list your services directly in Google’s search results.

Google’s Online business Account serves you and your business with multiple benefits. It is more beneficial than just having Local SEO techniques implemented in your website. 

The feature will help your clients and customers to rate your business and give review as per their satisfaction. Apart from that, Google will showcase your business on Google’s products such as search and maps.

You also want to add or ensure all of the major business listings are up to date with your current office location. You can view if your listings are correct with this tool from MOZ. You can also automatically fix any incorrect or unfilled fields with their essential level package for $9 a month. Check it out here:

If you have not already, creating a Google My Business account is a great way to stand out in Google’s search results. Creating an account is an easy process that can benefit your company in more than just roofing SEO efforts. Here, your customers will be able to review your business. Not only that, but this is also makes your site more visible on Google products, like Search and Map.

But, wait!

Boosting local search for a small business is about more than using the right keywords. For example, based on Google’s most recent algorithm updates, some of the factors that ranked a business higher in competitive markets were related to local SEO. (Learn more about how Google ranks websites.)

Local network and reference opportunities for roofing companies

Nowadays, you need to work smart to grab more leads from multiple business linking techniques. Till the state, most of the roofing contractors suffer in implementing an organized local business network.

If you are new to roofing, then it can be a golden technique to boost your business reach and scope to the next level. If you offer roofing solutions only in your local area, you will benefit from the method.

Advertising your product and reaching out to people that you already know makes your job simpler. You can ask for reference opportunities directly from your local community. It adds real-life backlink opportunities to your roofing business.

Whom to reach and approach first for local business leads?

It is best to visit local businesses dealing with material suppliers, wholesalers, hardware stores, general contractors, and other related neighboring companies. You can also offer them reference incentives against every successful business lead conversion.

Apart from the above techniques, we came up with some unique methods mentioned below to bring potential results for building local business links.

Chamber of commerce and attending events

The method is one of the most straightforward techniques to generate high-quality local business backlinks. List your business in the local Chamber of commerce to diversify your reach. Also, verify that your business must be registered precisely with the Chamber of Commerce across all areas you operate. It helps them to generate a link to your website with theirs.

Always attend all local Chamber of commerce meetings which helps your business to establish better networking opportunities. The Chamber of commerce provides all businessmen with a professional network to communicate with local business owners.

These meetings are best for roofing contractors, property developers, property managers, architects, and other hardware shop owners. You can introduce your business offerings and other business ideas to establish good business bonding.

Local Business Sponsorships

A corporate-level sponsorship for a local roofing business plays a vital role in diversifying the reach of the small local business. There are multiple advantages that a local business sponsorship does offer to a local roofing company.

Some of the benefits that a local business grabs from sponsorships include:

Improves the reach and visibility of the local business

Most local businesses suffer to promote and advertise their products and services. They remain unnoticed by potential local customers, which creates a massive loss in sales per day.

So, to overcome the issue, you can hire local community influencers to showcase your products and services. These influencer-level sponsorships offer an iconic face to your business that helps customers to interact more effectively.

Most consumers prefer looking for reviews before investing in a product. As official websites never mention the cons directly.

So, we recommend you reach influencers to boost your sales and let your local community know more about your roofing brand and its services.

Assist the local roofing business to engage more with specific demographics

Sponsorship helps businesses to blend comfortably with the local communities. It enables the brand to gain local recognition and better potential customers locally.

As a result, it helps both consumers and businesses to explain their goods and services. A sponsorship helps in endorsing the products in a planned way which develops a better connection with consumers.

Improves the brand image and reputation

By using sponsorships, you can impose a positive force on your roofing company’s identity and reputation. It helps your business to serve your products and services to the larger community.

A planned sponsorship showcases your brand’s working ideology which helps in developing superior brand value.

For Example – A few years back, the brand Nestle has been accused of hoarding unnecessary plastic water bottles. This press report claims that the brand is damaging the environment.

Later Nestle rivels that they are working on environmental issues with Nestle institute of packing sciences. The scientific research center is associated with minimizing the use of plastic and its harmful effects.

Generates more sales leads

The main objective of sponsorship is to offer the brand a broader exposure. It plays a vital role in improving sales figures and generates new leads too. A business with sponsorship helps to generate leads from events and trade shows.

The business gets a real-world opportunity to demonstrate its services and products to the captive audience. It creates a positive impact and attracts consumers to know more about the company and its offerings.

For Example – Being a local roofing supply, you need to work hard to reach more customers. For that, you can plan suitable sponsorships to showcase your products and services in International Roofing Expo, western roofing Expo, and many more. This can be a game-changing event for your roofing company to attract potential customers.

Avails more content for social media

This sponsorship method is not the most visible technique. However, it helps the roofing company generate content for social media in marketing campaigns. It covers multiple areas with unspoken benefits for a business to deal with professional sponsorships.

Generating dynamic content for a business is tough for dealing with a successful social media marketing campaign. The content you post for advertising your products and services must be interesting enough to grab consumer’s attention.

A successful social media marketing campaign leaves a positive impression on consumer’s minds. So, design content to build up viral campaigning events.

For Example – The Energy drink brand Red bull a unique sponsorship step for advertisements. Check out the video and see how effectively Red Bull uses a man jumping to earth from space. Similarly, Elon Musk launched his Tesla Roadster in space too. These extraordinary advertisements influence more than ordinary public reaction stunts.

Final thoughts to boost your Roofing Marketing

If you want to stand out from the competition, you must implement the following SEO tips to enhance your online reach.

● List all your service areas or locations on your contact us page.

● Design a detailed landing page for every service that your roofing company offers. It increases the conversion ratio as it helps the consumer to grab detailed information about the benefits offered.

● Design a homepage and all other subpages with a contact form. It enables the business to convert more traffic into successful leads.

● Keep your website updated with new informative blogs and articles. Always maintain your social media accounts with better contents as it attracts customers to reach your business for more information.

● Add internal links while posting blogs on your website. Adding or linking articles with services helps in better lead conversion results.

● Try gaining backlinks from other websites with better ranking. It helps google to grab more information about your website, which improves your website’s order too.

● Offer your customers free demo services and other free estimations via your websites. It excites consumers to book your free services for better satisfaction and assurance.