1998 was the year that changed the progress trajectory of the Internet. 

Google was established on 27th September 1998. And this year it will turn 23 on 27th September. Google started its journey as a search engine is now considered to be the pillar of innovation and development. 

It is a multinational internet company based in California, is known for its digital services. Google was ranked first, with over 267 million unique users in 2020. With a market share of 61.8%, Google was ranked as one of the leading US search engines. 

Some of the financial statistics of Google are listed below:

  • $181.7 billion in revenue in 2020 came from its advertisement services
  • These advertisement services can be divided into Google Sites and Google Network Sites.
  • Google sites, in 2020, contributed $123.83 billion in revenue. 
  • Whereas Google Network Sites generated $23 billion in revenue. 
  • Quarterly growth of Google from $41 billion in Q1 2020 to $56.5 billion in Q4 2020. 

Have you ever imagined how does Google get to have so much revenue? What would be the thought process of the geniuses working in Google? How would they foresee the future? What would these geniuses have in mind for the future? 

These are all the questions that made me do a little research on Google and see its publications. I saw an interview of Google’s CEO Sundar Pichai, his press release, and Key Note Speech on Google’s sustainability in 2021. It all had one thing in common—the clear AI VISION.

But let’s be honest, even the term AI Vision in itself is confusing. Let’s get into the details and allow me to share with you whatever I have understood about Google and its future endeavors. 

Where is Google Standing?

Artificial intelligence, Quantum computing all the miracles of technology that Google led are being worked on by almost every industry. The industries which are not using AI will soon be shifting to AI as this is the only need of current times. But what’s next. What new crazy ideas is Google working on?

I was looking for answers to a very specific question. What new things will Google let us embed in our lives in the next 5 to 10 years? 

With the fast-paced advancements, I thought maybe a fortune teller has any idea of what will be google doing. But hey, when was the last time you saw a prediction coming true. So to know what Google is up to, I looked up Google in Google Chrome. 

An obvious factor is that Google is the data king. So one of the obvious advancements we will be seeing is in the field of data, and data services will keep on evolving. For example, the voice search! 42% of the worldwide online population had conducted a voice search using Siri or Google Assistant. 

So with so many people shifting to voice search, it will soon be challenging for Google to push advertisements. So I think, there must be other revenue streams for Google to work on to avoid any revenue loss. 

What is Google’s plan?

Here is a list. But before looking into the list, buckle up, as this will be a wild ride in the future.

Quantum Computing

To start with, Google and its quest for quantum computing. It is a very long relationship Google is working on developing. Google wants to build its quantum computer by 2029. But why does Google want to put quantum technology in use so eagerly?

The answer is to help solve a vast range of problems such as feeding the world, climate change, and better medicines. To achieve quantum computing, Google needs to have a supercomputer working on the basic mechanism of quantum mechanics. Google has unveiled its Quantum AI campus in Santa Barbara.

Quantum AI campus consists of quantum data processing center, a hardware research lab, and a quantum chip fabrication facility. Google will be spending billions achieving Quantum Computing.

What’s more?

Google Car

For a while, now Google has been working on driverless cars for quite some time. With the support of Google maps, Google will be one of the leading organizations working in the autonomous mobility industry. This means way too many more driverless cars on the road. 

With the continued funding, Google is making progress with all the research and development they need to have highly functional autonomous driverless cars. Both Google and Tesla know that this is a trillion-dollar industry worldwide.  

Since Google has a massive data bank, loads of AI backing, and quantum computing power for machine learning, these attributes help Google to get the world’s first legally allowed driverless car officially on roads any time now. 

The revamp of Google Bicycle

Google is also working on another mobility-related product. It has its hands deep in shared mobility. Have you seen Google’s self-riding bicycles? Yeah, don’t be shocked. You read it correctly. Google has its self-riding bicycles. Crazy right. It’s been out there for a couple of years now, but now Google is working on reengineering the cycling experience. 

Google has been striving to amplify the reach of its hardware portfolio from its pixel smartphones to the chrome book. It has big plans to get devices to every internet user on the planet. 

This means that Google will be able to get more and more data than ever collected before. As data. In the 21st century, it is referred to Oil; Google wants to have it more and more. And to do that, Google may be getting in slightly cheaper electronic products. Google Pixel will be more affordable, just like the Xiaomi mobile phone, in the coming 5 to 10 years. 

Space exploration

In today’s era, every big organization with a great amount of funding is looking for space exploration. I haven’t heard of a Lunar XPrize Project. In the Lunar XPrize project, Google Invites inventors to come up with a space exploration solution. With Lunar XPrize, Google is working on getting NASA projects like Space X. 

Google Wing

Have you ever thought that Google will be working on making drones? No, no, these are not simple camera-oriented video and picture capturing drones. The wing is a project at Alphabet subsidiary known as X. X is working on utilizing Google Maps and transform the way goods usually are moved in-between two points. 

Robotics at Google

Previously, Google used to own a company named Boston Dynamics. Yes, this was the company that made amazing robots. But then it was sold off. And Google is now planning to work on its robotic section. It is called Robotics at Google. 

Google has made its robotics division focus on merging the Internet of things with electronic household equipment. Some examples are Mika bot, Dolly, and Redwood robotics are some of the Alphabet-owned companies currently working in robotics under Google’s supervision.

Bottom Line

Everything that I had fantasized about in my childhood is coming to reality. From seeing Inspector Gadget to seeing military-grade robots, driverless cars, and robots following orders, Google is working very hard to change the course of humanity. With AI and Machine learning, Google is making its way very fast to accomplish something new every day. 

Quantum mechanics leading to quantum computing will help Alphabet and Google to accomplish many hurdles to improve the human lifestyle. Be it an education system or a technical diploma; Google will make machines work for humans. 

Only time will tell if these machines and algorithms are morally sane or not.

Dream Big, imagine something widely crazy. 

Are you ready to give it some time, like 5 to 10 years, to be a particle experience? Only time will tell if these machines and algorithms are morally sane.


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