You’ve just opened a new law firm. Congratulations!

Now you’re excited to help people in your community and want to get the word out about your services to the clients who need them most.

Being a law firm owner, all you think about  is “how to market and grow your legal practice?”

So, would you believe it if I tell you that this whole industry is working on only word-of-mouth or referral marketing techniques.

Referral marketing is a marketing technique that uses word of mouth or recommendations to grow any business. It takes many forms, but it’s a great way of marketing to get your new potential clients. You can look at the research below.

Let me tell you that 96% of the people looking for legal advice use the internet.

First, you have to build trust with your potential clients. But, in legal services, winning the trust is not a piece of cake.

So, what can you do to convince your potential clients to hire you for their cases? First, it’s worth noting that you start to get fame once you win their cases.

Unfortunately, the law is the only profession least marketed using SEO Services.

What do you do? Only #1 ranking matters. You already know word of mouth will take years to expand your business and reach more people. Which means that you need to do something out of the box.

To make your business grow, you have to be creative and think outside the box. Before I take you into SEO details for lawyers and law firms, I want to go through some statistics.

  • 74% of people look for law firm websites to validate/ authenticate the association of a lawyer with the firm.
  • 72% of these people will go to only one lawyer they have selected online.

Do you see what the internet can do to your law firm? Are you able to imagine the quantum of customers you would be able to represent if you publish your business over the internet?

I am sure you were unaware of these business statistics. So now I will tell you why you need SEO services for your law firm.

Most people use ads to promote their business with marketing and advertising. But did you know that using the right SEO services can be one of the best ways to bring in new clients? So what are the right SEO services for you?

For law firms to have their SEO done, it’s important to remember that SEO is not a one-and-done process. Improving your rankings takes time and effort, but the payoff is worth it. Here’s how to get started.

You being a law firm, needs to have the following three on-site most in-demand SEO services:

  • First of all, you need to have a high SERP score. Details of SERP are shared in the upcoming article.
  • Then comes the Ranking factor, which is directly dependent on content creation. You would be required to publish top-of-the-line, easy to understand high-quality content using precise keywords.
  • Then comes keyword research. Keyword research helps you find the most common, most used, easy to search keywords against each product on your webpage. Do not worry; there is nothing complex about researching; this article will help you with that too.
  • Lastly, there is a keyword optimization process: For keyword optimization, you will be using the selected targeted keywords for targeted search content, Meta description of the content, and specialized tags.

Search Engine Results Page (SERP)

To get SEO for your law firm, you must understand what SERPs are and what can they do for your business. So SERPs are referred to the advertisements/ searches that appear on top of theGoogle search result page. SERPs can be divided into the following sections:

Local Service Ads

Starting with LSAs. These are locally published ads available for display at the top of the search content. These Ads run on a Pay per Lead basis. The following snapshot is an example of how Local Service Ads. You have focused on getting your law firm published in Local Service Ads.

Google Search Ads

Next up is Google Search Ads. These are the ads that Google displays to its users in return for the search questions asked. These are usually displayed below the Local Search Results. Still, there is nothing to show in Local search results other than these ads displayed on top of the page.

The following snapshot is an example of how Local Service Ads appear in Google Search. You need to ensure that your law firm is listed in the top 3 Ads to attract new customers.

In addition to these factors depending on your website SERP, some other important factors which play a vital role are following;

  • Local search results (where you use google maps to let people see your locality and addresses)
  • Organic Search Results (where you get your business website listed on the first page of google search)
  • Local Panel displays information about your law firm and might also be referred to Google’s My Business profile.

Your next question will be about SEO and its ranking factors. So let’s take a dive into the Google Ranking factor and see what impacts the most.

Google ranking factors on law firm seo

Google ranking is based on the following parts:


Content refers to anything written, displayed in pictures, or presented in the form of videos to demonstrate a firm’s business on their official website homepage. This content will be seen by your potential customers, which is why the content on your website homepage needs to be written originally.

The content must be informative and easy to understand, following your law firm’s services as a key ranking factor. Therefore, your website’s home page content should be divided into multiple sections. Each section should represent one topic specifically and with focused keywords.

Hyperlinks & Link Building

Hyperlinks and link building are used to calculate a web page’s credibility. SEO for lawyers can help you get high-quality and reputable backlinks. Content-based on high quality, extreme relevance, and quantity matters.

Here, you must consider what quality, relevance, and quantity have to do with SEO for law firms? There is nothing technical, so here is what these areas do. These can be understood by going through the Google guidelines:

  • Quality: You need to ask if your website has a high PageRank.
  • Relevance: Please ensure that the content on the homepage of your business website reflects your services.
  • Quantity: This is the simplest one; you need to know how much good quality content with relevant links your website got back. Always remember that every website that refers to your website increases the authority of your services.

Domain Factors

Last but not least, now we will be discussing the domain factor. This is the third most important ranking factor. The website domain is divided into three sections which are as follows:

  • Keyword Usage: this helps to show relevancy and is considered effective if the keyword is the same as the domain name’s first word.
  • Domain Authority: You have to establish your domain authority with hyperlinks and back connects.
  • Domain History: Domain history lets Google understand your website’s ranking and look for issues if any.

Keyword Research

Keyword research helps you understand the intent of people on any particular day. The results help you know what kinds of services people are curious about and how to link that with your targeted business.

Need for keyword research

Keyword research is the only method to look for legal services people want to see and are searching about. You can find keywords using multiple platforms: search engines and social media platforms.

So, keyword research is the only way to stop yourself from putting effort into something that has not been searched or is not required by the people at that time.

Would you like to see what keywords can do? Here is an example for you to understand the power of keywords and what well-researched keywords can do.

Return on Investment

I will leave this to you to decide. There are two factors for you to consider.

First, are you happy with your word-of-mouth advertisement?

If not, then why not invest in SEO for your website to attract new business from people looking here, there, and everywhere on the internet for a good legal representation.

Bottom Line

SEO for your law firm can help you rank higher in the Google search engines. Which means that more people will be able to find you. And the best part is that SEO services are affordable, so they’re a great investment for your law firm.

SEO uses specialized words and statements, which helps you rank your business websites in the top positions of Google Searches. SEO is a tactic used by everyone these days. Since these services are easily accessible and inexpensive, everyone calls themselves experts. So watch out for the frauds.

Highly optimized SEO for your law firm can be intimidating. It’s a whole new dimension with a lot of overwhelming checks and balances. To grow your business, you have to expand your business on the internet and rank in the top searching places as well. Otherwise, unfortunately, you won’t compete at all.

Content on the homepage of your law firm’s website is a customer attraction/ facilitation point. Therefore, you need to ensure that the content on the home page is easy to understand and helps you get new clients. This content should also help you make your potential clients into permanent clients.

I hope this article serves you rightfully with all the instructions to use SEO services for your law business in your favor. I will be looking forward to your replies and questions in the comment section, if any.

Let me know if you still believe that being a lawyer or owning a law firm will benefit you without having your online presence.

How would you be able to survive in this techy world as a lawyer with only word-of-mouth marketing? Then, go through this again and convince me of your reasons for not using SEO services to grow your business.

You have to make people go crazy for you and look for you. Then, you have to market your skills in ways no one has ever done before. This is when everyone will know what a hot shot of a lawyer you are.


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