If there’s one critical thing that can not hurt your business is more sales.  But how can you increase your business sales without spending a fortune on marketing strategies and advertising? 

Offering discounts can encourage customers to buy more, but they are not feasible in the long run as they may lead to huge losses. 

Though you have to spend money to make money, there are instances where you can make money without spending a dime. This blog post will show you clever ways of increasing sales without breaking your bank. 

How to Increase The Sales of Your Business

Associate Yourself With the Existing Customers

One of the best ways to grow sales for your business is to link up with your current customers, particularly with the happy, satisfied ones.  

These customers already love and value your products or services. But, on the other hand, you have spent your time and resources attracting them. So it makes much sense to get the most of what you have already channeled your energy into. 

Please communicate with your customers and try to know them at a personal level where possible. Please get to know their pain points and address them. 

You connect with your customers by knowing their:

  • Shopping patterns
  • Online habits
  • Pain points
  •  Income
  • Demographics like age, sex, location, occupation
  • Hobbies and interests

Armed to the tooth with this information, you’ll target them with suitable content, marketing platforms, and promotions. But, above all, you will have a simple way of serving them as individuals. 

 You can discover this data by conducting market research, listening, or reading their feedback on social media platforms and review websites.  

 Never underestimate the effectiveness of Google Analytics, as it can assist you to know every information you can imagine about your customers and how you can help them. 

You know who your customers are by analyzing the available data. Then, when you piece together the information you have collected, you’ll learn how to create personalized connections.  

Create a referral system

After connecting deeply with your current customers, use a referral program to tap into their network. Your existing customers are a valuable asset to your business. In addition, they can unknowingly market your business to their circle of friends and families.

You can take things one step higher by creating a referral program.  In exchange for a referral, offer a swag item,  discount code, or something else of great value. 

Experiment with different incentives to discover what works best for you as what works for another business might not work for you. 

You may need to test with various referral programs over time to determine what motivates people to aid your business in making meaningful connections.

Establish connections with other businesses

Building relationships with other businesses, whether big or small, could be your answer to increasing sales even when you are operating on a tight budget. This is possible because establishing connections with other businesses helps you generate a considerable following, discover new potential customers, and grow revenue. 

Always remember that forming strategic alliances can benefit your business for a lifetime. Also, you can cooperate with other firms to organize fundraisers, events and actively participate in cross-promotions (  using a single product or service to promote another).

For example, suppose your core business is selling bath products online. In that case, you can collaborate with someone who offers massage services at her/ his home to give customers product bundles and spa treatments at discounted prices.

Capitalize on Customer Feedback and Reviews

One of the most successful ways to increase your consumer base is to collect customer feedback and referrals. Do you know that 87% percent of consumers pay attention to online reviews for local businesses, according to BrightLocal’s 2020  Local Customer Review Survey? 

 It’s impressive that ninety-one percent of consumers confirmed that positive reviews increase the chances of using the product or services the business offers. 

Do you see?

Online reviews could make or break your business.

Also, consider posting on social media regularly or emailing customers to thank them for opportunities to do business with them. Additionally, request them to leave honest online reviews. 

You can also offer small future discounts on products or services to encourage customers or clients to recommend you to their close friends, colleagues, and families.

 Be sure you read and respond to every feedback you get. According to the survey mentioned above, 71% of consumers are more likely to use a company that genuinely responds to customer reviews.  

Always be Thankful to your customers for their feedback and politely and constructively respond to negative feedback.

Create Great  Packages, Deals, and Bundles

At times, all you need is a different plan to take your business to the next level.  And a superb way to achieve this is to develop clever methods of combining services into one package or several products into a single bundle. 

You can pull this off by putting together similar services such as a combo interior or exterior car wash. 

Also, you can try various types of services that will enable your customers to enjoy a great deal and at the same time check several things off their main list.  

For example, you can offer a free or discounted regular car wash after a customer changes their oil at your premises if you deal in cars. Aspire to give your loyal customers exceptional deals at all the time. 

When you offer bundles and packages, customers always cherish the value and convenience of the entire package. 

Use Social Media to Promote Your Deals 

Of course, not everyone on social media seeks to buy something  (particularly with numerous dog videos to watch). Nevertheless, it still can be a superb platform to promote your hot deals.  

You can offer some freebies for interested people to grab. For instance, if you run a successful food blog, you can provide free recipes in e-books or PDFs for food enthusiasts to download. 

After all, everyone enjoys a good bargain! Giveaways or special offers are more likely to pique your audience’s interest, which will result in increased sales.

You now understand that a  call to action (CTA) is necessary for conversions on a landing page or product description. 

Also, they’re helpful on your homepage as they govern your visitors’ attention. Consider what you need your visitors on your homepage to do. Do you need them to join your email list? Fill out a form or call you on your phone? 

 Whatever the correct answer, make it crystal clear on your homepage with a prominent CTA.

Closing Thoughts

 All the above tips can help increase your business’s sales, but please do not let the list intimidate you. Instead of trying to 

 Rather than attempting to execute everything at once, pick one or two areas you need to improve on right away. When you begin getting the results, move on to the next tip and see your sales go up exponentially.  


Percy is fulltime editor working for ConvertRank.com