A contact page may appear straightforward on the ground, but there are many critical elements to consider before creating yours.

It is not too late to develop a flawless contact page, whether you’re just starting a blog or have had a website for some time.

So, are you searching for contact us page examples to borrow ideas from? We got your back. 

This blog post will talk about contact page examples and show and give you tips on making a killer Contact Us page for your website.

 But before that, let’s understand what a contact Us page is, to begin with. 

What is a Contact Us Page 

A Contact Us page is a standard web page on a website that allows users to contact the organization or individual operating the website.

You will find the following items on the contact us page:

  • email address
  • telephone number
  • postal address
  • A map indicating the location of a business

The ideal contact us page can help you to;

  • Receive messages only when it is convenient for you 
  • Create an email marketing list
  • assign work to your team
  • Launch Project and to-do list automatically
  • Give your customers the support they need
  • Acquire more – and significant  leads
  • Minimize the volume of spam in your mailbox.
  • Save a lot of time on exchanging emails.
  • Reduce the number of needless sales presentations

The majority of contact pages are created with functionality in mind.

They throw an email address, phone number, and address on a white background and think that’s it for them. And it’s a huge mistake. 

 An elementary contact page does not entice people to reach out and interact. 

So, you can miss out on a lot of new leads. Always know that one of the most crucial sections on your website is the ‘Contact Us page. It’s usually one of the most-visited site pages for most businesses.

Characteristics of A Great Contact Us Page

Best contact us page should;

They are easily accessible so that visitors can readily get in touch if they require assistance.

Explain why one should reach out to them and how they might assist their visitors in resolving their difficulties.

Put a helpful email address and phone number so that visitors can readily 

find the information they need.

Connect to active social network accounts such as Instagram, Twitter, Facebook,  and LinkedIn to let visitors interact with the company.

It should be imaginative and memorable so that visitors equate contacting your brand with a pleasant or amusing recollection.

Display your brand’s capabilities so that visitors and potential customers may get a taste of the work you do before contacting you.

Avoid unneeded fields and terms to keep your website as clean and basic as possible – no filler or fluff

It should include a brief form with fields that will assist the company in determining who is contacting them.

Include a call-to-action to give visitors another alternative if they do not want to fill out the form.

Highlight the business’s thought leadership by presenting a list of previous blog posts or press stories about the firm.

 In short,  The contact us page should strike a balance between making it easier to contact the firm and providing resources that consumers can leverage to get answers to their issues immediately.

Now that you have a basic idea of what an excellent contact us page should cover, let’s look at some of the most successful contact pages on the Web.

Contact Us page examples 

Below are exceptional examples of the Contact Us page that have blended all the tips discussed hereinabove. Check them and get a feel of how your Contact Us page should be.  


Moz’s Contact Us page is one of the best on the Web because their message is loud and obvious.”We’d love to hear from you!”

Following that friendly greeting comes their office address with an excellent map at the bottom. Page. There’s a big button you can click if you wish to contact the business’s support team.

When you click on that button, you will be sent to the contact help form, which contains a dropdown box on the first field to send your concern to the relevant team.

Take a look.

Following that, you find several email address fields to fill out; one that you would like one for you to be reached at and one linked with your  Moz account.

Finally, before clicking the Submit button, there is a section where you can add the specifics of your request.

Gill Andrews

Web consultant Gill Andrews begins her Contact Page with a little ironic   statement informing web visitors that they can use the contact form to reach out to her or email her:

It’s a comprehensive way to catch all folks who dislike filling out forms. And it clearly states that she usually responds within 48 hours, so all visitors know what to anticipate.

Then you’ll find a note ‘funny’ talking about what she doesn’t want to hear about, such as guest blogs and link swaps!

 Suppose you ever find yourself getting many messages on what you are not interested in hearing. In that case, you can consider doing something similar. 

Although you cannot prevent people from sending inquiries, you can inform them what you will not respond to.


Click here to see the complete contact us page. 

Zendesk is a customer service platform that is cloud-based and centers on engagement.

More than 350 million people globally use Zendesk’s customer service units and help desks as their preferred form of support.

The Zendesk website is simple, sleek, and color-coordinated throughout. Their beauty moves over to their specific and helpful contact page. Your contact US page is vital, and firms who keep them as simple as possible see a higher number of conversions.

 That is precisely why Zendesk is included on this list. The page is clearly labeled but subtly, and there are just three form fields for visitors to fill out.

Their  call to action button is also apparent, which gives leads and customers confidence when they click “Submit.”

Visitors can browse through Zendesk product support alternatives and examine Zendesk office locations at the bottom of their contact page. The organization took the effort to create this page with its buyer profiles in mind. 

Their contact page analyzed what their users could be seeking and offered those items as supplementary resources.

Closing Thoughts 

These are some of the best contacts us page examples. The Contact Us page on a website is essential, and it is one of the most visited pages on almost every website. So, take time to make yours as helpful and exciting as you only can, using the above examples and tips. 


Percy is fulltime editor working for ConvertRank.com