Google’s search engine and Bing’s search engine are two different search engines.

When we talk about SEO, Google comes to our mind first. And it makes sense. Google currently has majority of the US’s search market share with Bing holding up the second position in search engine space. This brings thought of Bing having solid SEO strategy needs to be taken into account as well.

Presently, Bing is growing grabbing the attention of those looking to reach a wider audience and rank higher on search platform.

In this case study, you’ll see the similarities & difference between marketing for both Bing and Google and also see benifits about each other you can see to incorporate both Organic and Paid into your marketing strategy to make the most of both searches.

In this case study we discuss how we used Microsoft Advertising since its announcement of a new ad format for Bing Search named health insurance ads. Microsoft said advertisers are already seeing a 2X increase in return on ad spend (ROAS) and 20% lower costs per acquisition (CPAs) with this new format.

As we know, Health insurance ads are dynamically generated based on the data you specify in your feed file, such as your plan type, the organization category, federal registration status, and URLs. The more details you provide in the feed file, the more information Microsoft can include in your ads.

Organic keywords doubled the ROI with 36% web traffic increase

Expansion of Bing strategy to include organic SEO helped a insurance brand reach a larger market of qualified traffic previously untapped by their high-ranking organic visibility.
Google’s algorithm identifies synonyms and context around a keyword. This allows a little liberty and creativity within your content as a result it was time consuming to rank on Google, so majority of keywords in Bing had lower competion as compared to Google and ranking on Bing was much quicker for informational queries with decent amount of traffic it bought to website in comparison to cost/resource spending on Google over the duration.

Power of Bing search with multimedia ads

During the third quarter of the fiscal year insurance company saw 30% downfall. Spurred by the drive to keep the momentum going during the non-peak months of the year, Insurance company aimed to upscale the demand for insurance among the high-intent audiences. The idea to drive higher brand visibility and better performance among search audiences helped the brand identify untapped opportunities on the Microsoft Advertising (MSA) platform.

Microsoft Advertising delivered the scalability for Insurance brand to reach exclusive, high-interest audiences to generate a higher lead score. However, driving discovery among audiences in a highly crowded insurance market needed a compelling solution to grab audiences’ attention at first glance. To amplify brand visibility, we leveraged ‘Multimedia ads,’ designed to combine brand-native assets such as images, headlines, and descriptions powered by machine-learning technology. Adding to the visual elements of the ads, these are prominently placed on the search engine result page (SERP) to aid discovery. Furthermore, these ads provided exclusivity by displaying only one brand ad per page.

Thriving conversions with lowered costs

As a result of the campaign, the brand could consistently drive 2x conversions even during the non-peak quarter in India. With thoughtfully delivered multimedia ads, Insurance company could drive these conversions at a massive 20% lowered cost per acquisition. Additionally, with multimedia ads, the brand saw a 68% increase in the lead score ratio compared to other ad formats.


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