Email from Gmail was the most effective slogan of all time. Google rocked its way in the email industry a few decades ago. Ever since the start of Gmail, Google grew in much to more and good to great. They changed the industry. 

And since then, email has been a cornerstone of business communication. And it transformed into a unique style and structure of business communication. All business emails should be direct, clear, convincing, and very easy to read to be attractive.

The way you present your thoughts can vary from idea to idea and from one business drive to another. Depending on the nature of your business, your readers need to get a professional appeal from your email content, business proposal, or new product pitch. 

It is recommended to stay as professional as you can because you lose control of your choice of words. The reason for this recommendation is that an email can be forwarded to a countless amount of people, and your impression is at stake. So be wise, be clear and please be conscious.  

This is an official business email, so you have to come up with a unique, catchy subject that needs to be brief and descriptive. If the subject line too vague or confusing, there is a chance that you will never hear from this client ever again. 

Individual emails look more personalized, but you can always copy other recipients as well. You should always call the recipient by his first name. Start with the purpose of sending the email. Keep it concise and focused on your readers. 

If a response from your readers is required, don’t forget to include a call-back request to know how to respond to your email. Always let the recipient know that you have attached a file for them to review.

As you reach the ending of your email, offer a quick farewell as thanks and then give your name and contact information. Writing concise emails is a powerful skill that you can develop through consistent practice. 

With all the possibilities of expanding your business via emails, you need to understand the purpose of your email. It can be a welcome email, a thank you email, an inquiry response, or something which needs an explanation. 

This article will discuss email marketing and the templates we can use to have a successful pitch or a happy customer. According to research, 269 billion emails were received and sent each day during 2018, while in 2020, approximately 306 billion emails were received and sent every day worldwide.

That’s a lot of emails; assuming that half of these emails are marketing emails, we need to plan our marketing campaigns accordingly. So, with all these stats and an introduction to email marketing, I will tell you that it will be a tricky topic to explain. 

Anything can go south, and nothing comes back from there. So you should be preparing your email marketing strategy very consciously. 

Email marketing:

With the stats mentioned above, it is evident that Email is NOT dead. It can still serve your purpose of engaging people if targeted correctly. So, my dear friend, you need to understand some basic templates most commonly used for email marketing. The list is as follows:

  • Go to email template
  • Long-form email template
  • Basic email template
  • The soap opera template
  • Other templates

Now I will explain each of these email templates and hope that you will get the best out of it. But first, let me convince you with some more statistics related to email marketing.

  • 2020 the year of pandemic, recorded the email marketing value at $7.5 billion, and it was projected that by 2027 this value would be around $17.9 billion. Therefore, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for that period is expected to amount to 13.3%.
  • A survey was conducted in 2019 across marketers from all around the world. 84% of the participants reported that they were using email as the primary source of marketing. 
  • Alex Cattoni, a social media expert and content writer, stated in her lecture that “in the US alone 92% adults use email, and 61% of them check and send emails daily”. 

If these stats related to email marketing are not convincing, then what is? Email is considered one of the most effective, personalized, simple, and easy communication channels with your audience. In addition, it helps you to ensure your presence.

Marketing emails are effective as they help you convert possible leads into long-lasting and loyal customers. In addition, it helps you authentically market your products and let the world know about the services you are providing. 

Marketing emails can be used to serve a different purpose. It can be your

  • Weekly newsletter
  • Monthly newsletter
  • An auto-response
  • A sales pitch
  • Or it can be an email update

Go to the email template

For you to easily understand this template, I have divided it into a couple of sub-sections. 

  1. Basic purpose: The basic purpose of the go-to email template is to engage, convince and convert. Its purpose is the create curiosity in the reader. 
  1. Email body structure: It is a very short email with very selective words. It triggers a micro-commitment feeling, and the call to action button drives the curiosity of the reader.
  1. Quantum: It can be used for any amount of customers. If this email is drafted well with a compelling subject line, it can generate many clicks. 
  2. Customer category: These emails fit existing, old customers to make a pitch and have definite answers with much effort. 

Long-form email template

Same as before, I have divided the long-form email template into four subsections for you to understand easily.

  1. Basic purpose: This is a form of storytelling email. And storytelling makes it a long heavy email. It is drafted to make the customer feel personal and helps to build brand loyalty in the customer. It provides you with multiple possibilities for identifying and targeting your customer’s needs – all in one email.
  2. Email body structure: The email content of this email appears to be like a story that you want your customer to know. 
  3. Quantum: it’s targeted, definitely not for the masses. Don’t try to be lengthy and extensive because your customer will lose his attention, and all your effort will be in vain.
  4. Customer category: These emails fit the most demanding customers, the ones with all the complaints. 

Basic email template

Same as before, I have divided the basic email template into four subsections for you to understand easily.

  1. Basic purpose: It is supposed to be on point, plain, simple, and highly targeted. If written correctly, it is going to ensure your sales. 
  2. Email body structure: It consists of a product with a discount, a very motivating reason for the discount, and in the end, it is made available on discount for a very short period. 
  3. Quantum: Everyone. Everyone. These emails are most sent on holidays when people are already planning on buying so many things.
  4. Customer category: With its repeated usage, customers will not be responded to by customers who are not satisfied with your services. 

The soap opera template

Same as before, I have divided the soap opera template into four subsections to understand easily.

  1. Basic purpose: The basic purpose of these emails is to create open loops throughout the campaign. Mingle up everything. Everything is related to everything else. Soap opera email template is like your favorite TV series. It never ends.
  2. Email body structure: these emails contain a story. And you get to tell a story to your customer through a series of very well-drafted emails, each one leaving the readers wanting more.
  3. Quantum: These emails are limited to dedicated readers and loyal customers.
  4. Customer category: With its lengthy context, you need to make these emails work as autoresponders. 

Other templates

Last but not least, there are other templates to draft to communicate with your audience.

  1. A welcome email
  2. A thank you for choosing us email
  3. A general inquiry email

Bottom Line

Oh, it has been one hell of an informative article. So, guys, that’s it, there you go now you have it all! The code, the logic to crack email marketing. It is going to be here for a long period. 

Honestly, if you’ve avoided email marketing, I think now it’s time for you to restructure your marketing strategy. No matter how much emphasis I put on this, email marketing is super easy to use, very cost-effective, and highly personal.

It helps you to boost sales of your small business or start-up. It helps to earn big, and it helps those who are willing to learn how to do it right. It’s not magic, so it doesn’t have to be complex at all.

For boosting email marketing, there’s no single formula. Instead, you have to adopt and apply; it’s all about what works best for you and your brand’s style and voice. 

Share with us; what email marketing strategies are you going to use for reader’s engagement?


Nikita is an expert SEO Content Writer, with expertise in creating unique write-ups in DIGITAL MARKETING.