Social Media Marketing aware people about your venture and drag more customers to your restaurant by generating engagement with your cuisines. There are various ways to get more customers through social media marketing.

Live Streams

Handheld devices have given us new ways for customers to capture content. Now restaurant brands make use of live streaming to promote their business. Live stream helps to connect with the target customers without spending much. This real-time engagement is highly beneficial in this digital era. 


You need not hire a professional for video marketing of your restaurant because a smartphone can do this work easily. You can also collect interesting bits from a live streaming session and share them later. Encourage your audience for interaction through Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram. Your brand presence will become strong with audience interaction. Try to repost the audience content for more engagement. 

Vlogs on YouTube are a great way to gain popularity. You can post a cooking video of your restaurant’s chef to attract an audience. People can travel a long way to relish delicacies offered by your restaurant that they have seen in videos. You can also post about day-to-day happenings and celebrations at your restaurant.

Information Rich Hybrid Posts

Single image posts are now less frequent. Multi-frame posts provide more engagement as your audience swipe to read information-rich content. This is a better way to connect to the audience. With Carousel posts, you can share different content such as menu images and customer reviews. Infographics are a practical and fun way to describe your business to the audience.

Stories and Reels

Short-form videos are greatly watched by the people all across the globe. We all are in hurry in this fast pace world and thus everyone wants to explore the world in a limited time. Videos of some seconds are in trend and they have the power to give more mileage to your business. Stories and reels on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and other platforms are a good way to connect to a large audience.

Make interesting and simple videos because no one likes to give their time to complicated things. Evocative triggers in the first few seconds of videos can compel customers to see them carefully. The background should be attractive and you can add text overlays to make your video readable. Gifs, stickers, and cutouts can help to share your emotions.  

Advertise on Different Platforms

Facebook, Google search ads, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube are some social media platforms that are efficient to attract a wider audience. Advertisement on these platforms is an effective way to stay in the customer’s minds. The most popularly used platform is Facebook and gives rich audience targeting options. You can advertise to a specific audience through Facebook. You can advertise to local area people or audience with common interests.

Instagram is the simplest way to advertise your strength. You can bid on your uploaded images of the food, menu, or reservation-booking page, crockery and much more. Ensure to use paid as well as organic strategies for better outcome. Paid promotions are beneficial while introducing something special to your restaurant or organizing a special event.

Build Emotional Connection through social media engagements

Create an emotional connection with your audience by letting them know what is happening behind the scenes. Introduce your staff, delivery people and chefs who are behind the success of your business. This helps in creating better relations with potential customers and followers. You can also organize contests and give dining discounts on special days. Maintain a database that has information about customers including their date of birth, anniversary and much more. Organize games so that people can earn a freebie. These are effective ways to increase engagement and creating a relationship. Give food coupons to contest winners so they can save money on their next visit.