Guess how many blog posts people publish daily? 

Statistics research conducted in 2016 shows that over 2.13 million blog posts are published on WordPress each day. It’s 24 posts every second. That is just on WordPress. The number of posts will go higher If we count other blog posts.

This means if you’re planning to write a post, it’s tough to stand out. But If you want to scale up your business or brand, you have to.

On average, people spend 4-5 hours writing the articles and blogs, but they need extra 5-10 ten minutes to optimize each post or blog.

Each month, millions of people search the term “SEO”.

If you want to see the live stats of Google searches every second, then go to internet live stats.

On average, people conduct more than 3 million searches on Google each day.

Therefore, when planning to show up your brand or website on the front page of Google, here comes the “SEO” part.

But what does SEO stands for?

I know you’re interested in scaling up your business.

And you’re here to know how your posts will rank. If yes, then you are in the right place.

Here I will tell you how your website posts rank higher and make your business grow. 

So let’s get started.

 First of all, you must know about “WHAT IS SEO”? 

What is SEO?

 If we define SEO, it stands for search engine optimization. It is a way to design your website in such a way that your web pages rank higher. 

SEO has become a necessary tool for all types of businesses.

In SEO-based writing, you need to target such keywords that grab the interest of readers.

Are you thinking about how Google decides that what page should come first when someone searches on it?

So let me tell you, it is SEO. 

When you search a keyword on Google, Google examines which website people visit more and whose links share mostly with social circles; the page that meets the required criteria will rank higher.

Let’s take an example;

If you search the “Digital Marketing” keyword on Google, then the top result will be of that blog post with proper keywords and SEO. That’s why Google ranks it.

Google also ranks such websites, which look visually beautiful.

For making your blog posts rank higher, I would suggest you choose the most trendy topics. For this, go to the website like Google trends and Google Ads.

Search for the trending topics worldwide or region-specific to increase your chances of ranking.

Let’s see how it works;

You can even run comparisons between different keywords and see which one is searched more it helps you a lot in ranking your page.

For instance, I compared “digital marketing vs. SEO” in the USA. 

Results show that both searches are trending for the past five years. But, as compared to digital marketing, SEO has more search volume in the United States.

To rank, always check your content, that if it free from spelling, punctuation, and grammar mistakes? 

If your grammar or spelling is weak, then I recommend you go for Grammarly. It is a free website that auto-correct your mistakes 

If your website is relevant to searched keywords, visually attractive, error-free, and grabs your reader’s attention, then you can expect the best Google results.

There are two types of SEO, and let me explain to help you choose the right one.

Black and white hat SEO?

Let me introduce you to white and black hat SEO.

As you know that SEO is used for ranking your web pages, the same is done by the Black hat and White hat SEO. 

There are two ways to understand the SEO force: the legal and right path, and the other is illegal and wrong. 

The same goes for White and black hat SEO. 

In short, “White hat SEO” is the right and legal path, and “Black hat SEO” is illegal and wrong.

In White hat SEO, we follow all rules, regulations, and guidelines of search engines. It helps to increase the value of your content. 

Google does not take any action against your website. It shows late, but there are lifetime benefits.

Techniques in white hat SEO

As you know, “content is king.”

Good content is an important factor in ranking your website. 

Your article must be quality effective, not quantity.

Also, readers should be able to get complete information from your website. 

Good content not only attracts readers but also search engines.

Your content should be so effective that different websites link to your content. 

The greater the number of posts direct to your post, the more authority your website will carry. 

The more authority your website carries, the more your page will rank. You can check your page rank from here

And one important thing you need to remember about ranking is to use the density of keywords. 

Your content should contain 1% to 3% of keywords. Otherwise, the content will change into a black hat SEO.

Website speed matters a lot in white hat SEO. The more speed your website has, the more you increase your chances to rank. 

You can analyze your website speed from Google analyzer.

Black hat SEO

It is the opposite of white hat SEO. People use this technique to rank their website faster, but it can’t be used for a long time as it is just like a destructive and wrong path. 

It’s an illegal way to the searching engine. 

Black hat users didn’t follow requirements, guidelines, rules, and regulations. Even Google may blacklist your site.

The strategy of black hat SEO:

It uses high word density. 

Black hat users use repetitive keywords and fluffing them inside the content. They don’t care about the content. 

The one and only motto of these people are to rank their website.

How they do it?

Text and links are written in white color with a white background so that reader cannot see them, but the spiders of search engines can. 

It contains keyword stuffing, which means not much information but the content it means. It prefers quantity over quality.

Black hat includes content scraping and means republish the same data much time. Google unlike scraping, and that’s why Google may block your site.

Gray Hat SEO

Let’s introduce you to another term which is on-page SEO or Off-page SEO

Just like our life, SEO is also not just black & white. There is also another SEO force called “Gray hat SEO.”

This is something in between the ‘black vs. white hat SEO debate.

Gray hat SEO, just like its name, is a little black and a little white.

That means it’s not pure as of white hat SEO. But it’s also not manipulative or illegal as black hat SEO.

Now let’s explore the 2 broad categories of SEO;

  1. On-page SEO
  2. Off-page SEO

On-page SEO:

It is also known as on-site SEO. To rank your blog, website, or YouTube, 

  • You write quality content
  • Choose the right headline and description, 
  • Use powerful keywords

All of these activities are known as on-page SEO. In simple words, quality work is included in on-page SEO. 

It is tough to rank your blog, no matters how good your content is. It ultimately remains in our control, which will manage by us.

 In on-page SEO, there are step-by-step components like content, title, heading tags, keywords, URL structure, etc.

Always try to write 100% original, non-plagiarized and informative content which sticks with the user long time.

The title should be matched to your content.  It must be attractive for visitors. 

A good heading engages the user with your website. Always use high searchable and low competition keywords. Long-tail keywords are an excellent option to move ahead with ranking.

OFF page SEO:

It is opposite to on-page SEO. 

In off-page SEO, we do all activities after writing the content.

 Off-page SEO includes;

  • Promotion, 
  • Advertising, 
  • Sharing of links on social media etc 

It consists of all the techniques that we use to promote our content.

You can run ad paid promotion for ranking your blog

Now I will discuss three such ways that attract users and stick to your site and increase your traffic.

Three ways to use SEO that attract readers

  • Stop believing in magic
  • Give quality content
  • Make your content interesting 

Stop believing in magic

The first and most important thing that I think you all know and understand is not believing in magic. 

Don’t think that whatever you are writing is going to be viral and will break the records. People thinking such things and stop doing hard work. 

If you aim your blog posts to rank higher than search for what your audience wants to read.

Because SEO is a game of keywords, if you can penetrate it into readers’ minds, no one can stop you from scaling up your website.

Google will rank the page which has the relevant keyword as the user searches on GOOGLE. Just focus on your keywords.

Let’s take a look at the search result below. 

Don’t just stick with one post and waiting what happens or when your post will rank.

First, write at least 25 posts in a month, but remember I use the word “at least,” so don’t just go with it, and one important thing while writing your post avoids writing the same content again and again.

I am not telling you about reinventing every time, but I am also not telling you about stealing the same content from your website 

For writing, you should go for Ubersuggest or buzzsumo. These websites give you the best idea for what you want to write.

Provide quality content:

If you intend to rank your website or post, write content that gives your readers vaule and information.

Without high-quality content, you cannot get the advantages of SEO. Informative and engaging content on your website motivates more visitor to stay for longer

Make your content interesting

While writing, remember you are not writing for robots or someone who has no sense and taste. 

Of course, you are writing for someone who has excellent knowledge. 

Your writing must have a taste and power that force your user not to go anywhere.  When you write, you are talking to the reader, and they also interact with you.

Your content must have the power to grab the user, and it has sound visual appealing because when content is presentable, it’s quality higher 50 times more.

The idea you use in your content must be original and enough to give the desired result because if your content is incomplete, then the user will never come back to your website again.

Bottom Line

I hope this post helped you understand the utmost importance of search engine optimization.

To build up your online presence, you must integrate information, value, and high-quality content with the right strategies of SEO.

Just commit to getting started no matter if it takes you 6 months or 6 years to achieve your desired results.

Before writing, do your keyword research. Then, use your keywords naturally to optimize your title tags and descriptions.

If this article helped make your blog rank, let us know in the comment section.


Nikita is an expert SEO Content Writer, with expertise in creating unique write-ups in DIGITAL MARKETING.