Don’t you feel it is important for your roofing company to achieve higher lead generation via the website? In this modern world of technology, you must keep your roofing business ahead of the competition.

To simplify things more effectively, we came up with some latest web design tips to outrank your roofing website in the online market. A precisely designed website serves the best results in generating potential leads and a better online presence.

Your official roofing website acts as a lead generation tool that boosts the growth rate of your business. More than 92% of the customers prefer checking out websites before options for any products or services.

Here are some of the best web design tips to optimize your roofing website to generate organic leads:

Best opportunity to create authentic roofing leads

Most roofing companies suffer from lead generation issues, and it is somehow managed by third-party brokers to offer them roofing leads. This technique is good but not perfect for the long run as it creates multiple commission and brokerage-related issues.

To achieve a continuous flow of organic leads, you must work on website designing. A website is the only way to improve your brand’s name with authentic information about your company and services.

A website ensures no middle man or broker between you and your customers. It helps to showcase your services as well as offers to the consumers. Consistently implement tested keywords, especially location-based keywords. This technique allows the search engines to list your website in the local search results.

Your roofing website must include location-based information which accelerates the lead generation process. It substantially increases the brand’s value and reputation.

Implement clear call to action features in your roofing website

A roofing website with call-to-action features serves better lead conversion rates. It helps the property owners to accomplish the buying process with satisfaction and awareness about the brand and its products.

Call to action works explicitly on targeted issues and produces clear responses to the customers. The reactions can be served via call or email.

Some of the best calls to action techniques for roofing business owners are:

● Motivate or invite property owners to post comments on your website’s blogs. These comments can contain queries or suggestions.

● Encourage property owner to schedule a free roofing inspection and demo

● Strategies to enhance the reach via social media

● It offers an explicit action to complete the prospects

● Offers data-driven and tested accurate information

● Responsive clickable and viewable call to action design

Develop and Design a Perfect Roofing Landing Page

A landing page is not just an ordinary website page where your prospects land. It plays a vital role in converting visitors into leads. It is one of the perfect pages to activate all your organic traffic or social media marketing campaigns, or even PPC advertisements.

A perfect landing must contain two essential elements:

● The landing page offers free newsletter registration or free download to roofing guide.

● A form to collect customer’s information for better roofing marketing.

Features and qualities that a landing page must have are:

● The landing page must be designed to convert potential customers by understanding the needs and queries.

● Showcasing unique benefits of hiring your roofing company

● Must contain properly designed fill out forms to gather customer’s information to generate roofing leads

● Precisely incorporated with online reviews, certifications, testimonials, and images of completed projects for customer’s trust.

Use of mobile-friendly website

Nowadays, more than 55% of web users prefer to search for web content using mobile devices. As per Google’s algorithm, websites with proper mobile-optimized pages rank faster than non-mobile-friendly ones.

So, we recommend you design a roofing website that supports mobile-optimized orientation and formatting. A mobile-optimized website improves the overall responsiveness of your roofing website and increases the chances of higher lead generation.

Work with roofing blogs and articles.

A roofing website loaded with multiple informative articles related to roofing and services. It helps users to grab more information and details of the services. It portrays how efficient and experienced your brand in offering roofing services.

Regular posting of roofing blogs improves your website’s effectiveness in ranking. The search engine’s algorithms find the content of your website fresh and build trust in the eyes of Google. It improves your brand’s credibility and advertises your products and services across the entire site.

The technique helps you to gain an advantageous position in the highly competitive roofing industry. Your blogs must contain all types of information, including videos, images, and written content, for a better web experience.

Integrating chatbots in your roofing website

Incorporating advanced AI-based chatbots in your roofing website improves the lead conversion rates. Each time a prospect lands on your website, the role of the chatbot begins.

The pop-up chatbot window is ready for assistance for all your queries. Chatbot technology delivers responses with immediate solutions for all questions without navigating the whole website.

In maximum cases chatbot tries to close the query with the best possible answers. It reduces phone call-based assistance to your roofing business. More than 90% of customers prefer to gather information from online research.

So, try to deliver the best web experience to convert visitors into leads and allow them convenient ways to book services within a minute or two.


Being a roofing company owner or a contractor, you have to work hard both in the physical and virtual world. There is a large number of possibilities that can effectively boost your sales. To improve your website’s ranking on search engines, try incorporating local SEO techniques.

If your roofing techniques and services are superior, you must focus on optimizing your website’s performance. It will help you to grab more organic customers around your locality.

Consult digital marketing service providers for proven Local SEO strategies to increase the traffic from search engines. Work more on influencing and establishing the brand’s credibility to convert visitors into leads.