Are you worried due to low traffic on your website?

Are you worried as your website is not monetized after a lot of hard work?

Are you looking for a miracle that makes your post one of the best?

If your answers are yes, then you are at the right place. Here I am going to tell you five steps that give your post double traffic.

So let’s get started

What is a blog post?

First of all, you must know what a blog post is. It is an article or blog that you write for your website’s readers. It may be text, photos, videos, and so on 

When we talk about a text, it must be attractive, helping readers, and must have a catchy title.

Your title and content should be such that they attracted the readers and compelled them to stick with your post.

Catchy title:

The first thing whom we interact with is a title.

A good title makes readers crazy. Here, I will tell you how to do this.

 First of all, let me tell you that your title should be precise, unique, and short.

It would help if you used a keyword that drives the readers’ emotions; also, I suggest you use trigger words like.

  • How?
  • What?
  • Why?

The main thing is to use active voice means directly address your readers

 I will suggest you read a book that may help you to do this.

This is the best book with great content; after it, you should try or; both websites are unique and help you find the right title.

Here I am going to attach a screenshot provided by keyword spy.

After writing a good, catchy, attractive title, the next step is to write the headline.


Craft informative headlines as well as capture user attention.

The headline is a line that you can see under the title of the post. Here is an example,

You can start writing headlines by choosing such words as Reasoning, ways, statistics, Ideas, and so on.

Here you have to tell about what you are covering in your article. It should be expressive what you’ll be going to tell you in the article.

It is the key that will prove that you are helpful any providing essential content.

People often search online to educate themselves or learn more about a particular concept.

Many successful headlines use the “How to “concept with interpretation. People are not going to read your dull, dry drivel.

The headline promises a fast way to create high-quality work. 

Headline writing  example 

For Facebook marketing, the  headlines should be 

“Learn all Facebook advertising tips and magical tricks you need to know for succeeding in the world’s most popular social work.”

Such highlight makes the readers read the article full of motivation.

Add Subheadings OR Shorter Paragraphs 

Subheadings are used to map your article; it will break the post into valuable sections.

It also makes your post engaging and offering the reader a valuable and pleasurable experience; if subheadings are using precisely, it has a visual impact user can get deep into your article and imagine things.

A good subheading help to communicate using the reader about the topic of that section is. If the reader is looking for a specific topic in your post, then the subheading helps him. It also helps to grab the interest of the readers.

Subheads facilitate and motivate your readers and grab your reader’s interest, no doubt.

Here I will introduce you to a website that allows you to get subtitles of your post.

Yes, it is you can get good subheadings, that attracts reader from here. This website provides you valuable and worthy subtitles.

Use attractive Images

If you want to make your post shiny, you need to add attractive images to it.

The first image your audience will see coming on your page is called a featured image; it is known as a thumbnail. It should be impressive. 

Here, I am not telling you to spend hours making images from scratch; you can use images from stock sites or go for Canva.

It is the best site that gives you a decent picture of your desire like magic in no time.

Make sure to use a rectangular featured image.

Grammar and spelling:

The thing you must check in your post is grammar and spelling because spelling mistake makes your post ugly and grammatical errors can change the meaning of your content.

Such a problem makes people doubt your professionalism 

To overcome this issue, I recommend you GRAMMARLY because this is the application that saves you from embarrassment.

Optimize SEO content:

While writing a blog post, SEO may be tricky, but it worth a lot.

A few years ago, people thought it is for writing SEO-based content, you need to hire someone who provides you SEO based range, but now there are so many tools that help you do it yourself.

All in one, SEO is the best WordPress plugin; it gives you so many features.

It’s user- friendly SEO tool, so anyone can use it and get their pages to rank.

Remember! SEO-based content writing means a lot to increase your traffic.

 Add a Clear Call-to-Action

Knowing that your post help here’s our last tip for writing a blog post that converts: add a clear call to action.

You should ask your readers to leave a comment, share your blog post, follow you on social media, or purchase your product, make sure you clearly state what you’d like them to do.

Three mistakes that blogger often make

The mistakes I notice which the bloggers commonly make are;

  1. Not consistently writing
  2. Thinking that every blog post goes viral
  3. Not having a clear and robust niche

Not consistently writing:

This problem includes not keeping a regular blogging schedule; for this reason, their traffic becomes half.

Blogging is difficult to work if you want to collect more readers, but it doesn’t mean that you stop doing hard work. 

Your only motto should provide the best content to the readers; if you don’t give proper time to your work, you will lose.

For more clarity, check the statistics below.

Thinking that every of their blog post will go viral:

The other main problem with the new bloggers is they think the article he writes would be viral, and for that, they are monitoring their website all the time, but all of them are “Watching dream with open eyes.”

It’s thought because we all want to become famous in a night, but sure, it’s an unrealistic expectation.

This picture elaborate perfectly that not every post goes viral, but for making the best post, I recommend you to go on Google trend it’s a website that gives you the topic that is trending on those days; it’s a great tool that helps you to get a worthy subject.

Definitely, you don’t want to write content on a topic that the audience never wants to read, and this website will help you a lot.

Not having a good niche

Most commonly, blogger write has no hook.

No hook means a boring piece of content, and it is not worth your time, and monotonous content is written only by the person who has no strong niche.

You can’t underestimate the benefits of focus. The more tightly and clearly defined your mission for blogging is, the more likely you will develop a niche following that is equally passionate,  focused, and provides value.

If you don’t have a good niche, you may lose your previous audience, which comes due to the content you write before.

And don’t stick with previous highlights & topics because that topic has already been covered. Even the problem, solution, or information is too familiar.  

No one likes to read what’s already been published many hundred times. 

I am not saying invent something new. Just don’t share the same ten tips that everyone is sharing.

If you don’t have a good niche, then don’t worry. Learn about it. You can learn a skill from YouTube or by taking an online course from  Udemy and Coursera offering such  FREE courses.

Bottom Line

 In the end, to start a blog, all you need to do is choose a powerful niche, a compelling title of your blog post, and catchy headings/subheadings.

Write blog posts often because creative work needs consistency and patience. 

Moreover, best SEO practices along with information add readability to your writing. 

An explicit instruction or call to action can lead to readers’ engagement and make your blog visible in search engines.

To write worthy and valuable blog posts, use easy to understand, conversational, and informative tone. 

Let us know how often you write blog posts on your website?


Nikita is an expert SEO Content Writer, with expertise in creating unique write-ups in DIGITAL MARKETING.