Promotional product videos are the typical videos you see online or on TV. You create them to promote your products, services, attractions, or events. If the video is fantastic enough, it can generate a big hype encouraging viewers to be super interested in whatever it is promoting. 

Because promo videos are specific to a product, you can use them to demonstrate its usage and merits. Promotional videos are short and range between one and five minutes. This Enables a well-produced video to grab viewer’s attention long enough to get the intended message and pique their interest. 

Most of the time, they are similar to conventional ads with a call to action. However, at times the message is crafty but focuses on creating brand awareness. 

Nowadays, technology is the heart and soul of most consumers. Therefore, promotional videos are a highly effective marketing tool for every business that needs to grow and stay ahead of the competition. 

Promotional videos enhance customer engagement, conversion rates, and click-throughs rates. That’s why most companies are using them at every turn. 

This blog post will show you why promotional videos are effective marketing tools and give you a few examples of well-done promo videos. But let’s see what a product video is in the first place.

What is A Product Video?

A product video is a descriptive video that successfully demonstrates the advantages of a product. Instead of focusing on the features of a specific product, product videos should emphasize how the product alleviates the pain points consumers could be encountering. 

Demo product videos expand conversion rates by engaging and creating a creative story that illustrates how the product functions. 

Product videos create a long-lasting impression in the customer’s mind by using metaphors and a story. Also, it lets consumers experience the product’s features rather than explaining them.  

Product videos can be an effective marketing tool for businesses, whether they promote a commodity or a new software release. In addition, companies with complex products can use video to make their software more understandable.


Microsoft, for example, produces videos to promote new products ranging from document management services to CRM platforms. T

The product videos effectively explain the new offerings so that consumers can understand quickly, providing them with a good reason to show interest in their products.

What Makes an Exceptional Product Promotional Video?

As earlier said, product promotional videos can be traditional TV ads or appeals for fundraising. 

Some of them pop up in film festivals concealed as short films only to disclose that you need to download an app or purchase something in the last seconds.

To get significant results from your product promotional videos, consider the following factors:

  • First, who is your target audience?
  • What is your main goal?
  • Where do you want the video to appear? Is it online or on TV?

Understand that if people love your video, the chances are high that they will buy what you are selling. 

No matter what you are offering or who your target audience is, below are the characteristics that every superb product promotional video should have:

Never  Compromise on The Quality of The Video

Yes, you do not have to break your bank account by using top-of-the-range modern equipment, but ensure that your audience can hear and see what you are saying. 

You may have seen several poorly created product videos that left your mouth open, wondering whether the company understands the basics of a stellar product video. Right? 

Such videos can do more harm than good. They can make people lose trust in the company’s standards, which will hurt the brand image.  Take time to make your video sound and look excellent. 

If you can’t afford to hire a production company to make the video, you can illustrate your idea. But, do not settle for less. It’s advisable to make a simple polished video that resonates with your audience instead of creating a huge awful one. 

Should Be Entertaining

Creating a highly engaging video is easier said than done. Right from the beginning, somebody is watching your promotional video because they have no option. It can be either on TV during commercial breaks or a pre-roll just before a YouTube video begins playing. 

To make your product video entertaining, come up with an exciting story with a beginning, middle, and twist at the end. Then, if you can get the people hooked right from the get-go, they’ll have the patience to watch the promo to the end.

 You can also create a short comedy as it works across all social media platforms. It gives viewers a reason to get glued to it instead of getting bored and hitting the skip button. 

It Should Have a Human Side 

People will always care about other people. They do not care about the in-depth research you carried out before creating your promo. Your target audience desires to see videos with a human touch.  So, your videos should have a human connection. 

Promo videos should be thoughtful and should show a great sense of humor. Also, they should either be dramatic or mysterious to let the audience know that your brand has a unique personality and beautiful people behind it.

Below is a superb example of human stories. The video is about a little girl who beat the odds just because of the human touch. 

It Should be short

Never assume that your audience has a lot of time to spare. Instead, understand that most people’s patience is close to nil and won’t hesitate to tune out at the drop of a hat. 

So, grab viewers’ attention right from the start by appeasing them in the shortest time possible. It’s challenging to create long engaging promo videos, so making a short one is your best bet. 

Include Captivating Visuals

If you are advertising something using a video, then show don’t tell. Remember, video is a visual medium. Get your concept right. 

For example, a talking apple won’t work for you unless you are making or selling iPhone or MacBook. So you’ll need to approach your project from a different perspective. 

You chose to create a promo video, so offer your audience a good reason to keep watching instead of wanting to quit. For example, if you sell products, show people a very captivating demo. 

If you are describing something to viewers, think of integrating some animation. 

Below is an example of an excellent video that shows you the authentic product in action rather than just rumbling about it

Reasons Why Promo Videos are Effective Marketing Tools

  • They sound more natural as you can see the character’s body language and facial expressions, which fosters loyalty and trust.
  • Most customers prefer learning about a company and its products via videos.
  • Videos entertain, educate, and inform
  • It’s easy to watch a video even when you are having a bad day
  • They are a great touchpoint with consumers

Closing Thoughts 

Product promotional videos should be short, entertaining, and impressive enough to pique the interest of your target audience. They do not have to cost you an arm and a leg but ensure they communicate the intended message to the viewers.


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