The key to simple web surfing is literally at your fingertips. You can hasten all your online searches without having to take your hands off the keyboard if you learn just a few Google Chrome keyboard shortcuts. 

You do not have to enable anything yet.  It’s as easy as pressing the correct combination of keys to use these Chrome shortcuts.

Google launched its Chrome browser thirteen years ago. And now, close to two-thirds of mobile, tablets, and desktop users depend on it to browse the internet. 

Although the browser’s clean interface and extensions make it popular, it’s the keyboard shortcuts that unleash Chrome’s strength.

Google Chrome is the most popular browser for desktop-based web browsers demanding a whooping market share of 64 percent. In contrast, Safari, the second most common browser, only accounts for 19% percent of the market share. 

According to recent statistics from Statcounter, the percentage of internet browsing usage on mobile devices continues to outnumber desktop by a wide margin. 

And as of March 2021, mobile has 54.25 percent of the web browsing market share, while desktop has 42.9 percent.

But this doesn’t mean that you should trench your conventional keyboard and mouse. 

The desktop web experience is still alive and kicking, and it’s best for researching and heavy surfing.

 Even though lavish mobile phones and tablets today have as much processing capacity as desktop computers, most people still prefer working on a PC or Mac. 

That’s why you need to learn Google Chrome Shortcuts on the keyboard because they’ll improve your web browsing experience and save you a lot of time.  This blog post will show you some of the Google Chrome Shortcuts you can start using right away. 

Google Chrome Shortcuts You Can Start Using Right Now

From opening your homepage (Ctrl + Shift + H) to refreshing tabs ( Ctrl + R, intelligent shortcuts thrive in Google Chrome. With Google Chrome shortcuts, there’s always a quick way to have different things done.

So, regardless of whether you are a novice or a grizzled web old-timer, here are the Google Chrome shortcut keys you need to learn and start using right away. 

 Clear Browsing Data

 If you use Windows, press Ctrl + Shift + Delete

 If you are on Mac: ⌘ + Shift + Delete

Why You Need to Clear Browsing Data

Your browser tends to save data, which can cause problems logging in or accessing websites over time. Clearing the cache or browser history and clearing cookies is a good idea. 

The disadvantage is that you will lose your passwords and usernames, and you’ll need to enter them again. However, your privacy will be guaranteed, and the performance of your browser will significantly improve. 

Go Incognito Mode

If you use Windows, Press: Ctrl + Shift + N

If you are on Mac: ⌘ + Shift + N

What is Incognito Mode

Incognito Mode can be a valuable method for protecting our online privacy. However, we’ve also become acutely conscious of our online behavior and the data trail we’re leaving behind.

 Every website we visit keeps track of our activities, touchpoints, and preferences, which can target us and create a comprehensive image of our online behavior.

You may have experienced this when you’re looking for a specific item online, and a pop-up ad for it appears on any website or channel you visit.  

Please make no mistake about it: your online information is precious. It can be used for personalized targeting unless you take action to enhance your online privacy.

Enabling Incognito Mode when surfing the internet is one way to prevent data loss and protect your privacy.

In a nutshell, incognito mode is a web privacy feature that prevents sites from storing your browsing history. 

Every time you browse using a typical window, the browser keeps the URL of all the pages you visit and can retain it long after closing the windows down. 

You can visit your web pages later if you need to without wading through loads of previously opened pages. 

Also, the browser you are using stores cookies as well. Cookies are just tiny text files that save all site login details. They also gather data about the pages you visit and build advertisements customized to your internet preferences. 

 Nonetheless, when you activate Incognito Mode, any cookies that a website attempts to install on your device are blocked or deleted. And no records of your browsing are saved in your local search history.

 In other words, whatever you do when using this feature will be lost forever. In addition, other workstations and your family members or friends won’t be able to see your browsing history. 

Though Incognito Mode deletes data kept on your computer, your given IP address will still be visible to all the interested parties.  

So, your boss, school, the sites you visit, and your internet provider can see your browsing history and track you if they want to and steal your crucial details if they need to. The best way to keep your web history private is to use a VPN.

Press Control or Command + W to Close Tabs

This one is quite simple but helpful. To close one tab at a time, press the command key (Ctrl) and the “w ” key. It’s a simple way to close a single tab and proceed to the next when you finish reading it. 

Although getting a few tabs open isn’t a big deal, if you’re like me and have a million accounts available, your machine will slow down significantly. This fast shortcut allows you to kill as many tabs as you want in the shortest time possible. 

Command or Control +/- to enlarge/shrink the page

Occasionally, when surfing the internet, you can come across a website with tiny text. This could be blog comments, the fine print of a contract, or the text in one of those agreements we all click through. 

This will magnify the page if you hold down control and press the “+” key. You should keep pressing it to enlarge the page even further. Then, control and the “-” access to return to normal or zoom out.

You can use this Google Chrome shortcut key when you are surfing the web in the presence of your parents or when you have connected your PC to TV, 

It’s just a fast and straightforward way to make things harder or easier to read (if somebody is prying on your screen next to you).

Open Links in A New Tab by Pressing Control +or Command + Click 

Clicking a link while holding down the control key, the link will open in a new tab.  You can use this a lot when you are researching. You’ll peruse a page and control-click each link that may be helpful as you keep on reading. 

Other Google Chrome shortcuts on desktop include:

Command Action
Ctrl + Shift + BOpen the bookmarks bar
Ctrl + FFind words or phrases on the current web page
Ctrl + Shift + GGo back to the previous  mention of  words or phrases you searched for
Ctrl + D Bookmark web page
Esc Escape full screen 
Enter Full Screen
Ctrl + N Open a new window 
Ctrl + 9 Switch to the left tab
Ctrl + Shift + TReopen the recently closed tab
Ctrl + TOpen a new tab

Closing Thoughts

These are some of the most useful Google Chrome shortcuts you can start using now. Of course, you do not have to master them all at once. Just pick the ones you find easier to memorize and keep learning more as you go on.  


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