The marketing industry is highly competitive. With so many professional marketing enthusiasts looking for jobs that will enable them to land the job of their dreams, the stakes have never been this higher. 

On the other hand, the hiring companies settle for nothing less than the best professional digital marketers out there to join their marketing teams.

So, how do you make yourself stand out from the crowd to make the odds be in your favor? It would  really help if you had some marketing certifications.    

You see, knowledge is power, and it applies to digital marketing. Because marketers with tons of industry experience are experts in knowing which keywords to use, developing a paid search, social media strategy, and writing captivating content that quickly converts.  

Some years ago, most people thought that certifications never matter. It could be true back then, but things have changed. 

Marketing certifications have advanced. They are more valuable nowadays as they are very exclusive and are solution-oriented. 

So, whether you are an old hand in digital marketing or you are just dipping your big toe into the marketing world,  

According to Marketproinc, marketing certifications are the bread and butter of every successful digital marketer. 

Currently, digital marketing certifications are one of the most popular careers in demand. If you are certified with digital marketing certifications, you’ll advance in your career and stay ahead of the competition. 

But with so many digital marketing certifications out there, which are the best marketing certifications and are worth having?

We have done all the donkey work and have compiled a comprehensive list of the best marketing certifications in 2021 to help you separate the wheat from the chaff. 

The Best Marketing Certifications that are Worth Having

Content Marketing Institute Online Certification

The content marketing institute offers one of the most valued resources for content marketers. It provides online training and certifications through its famous CMI university to content marketers who want to get acquitted with the best industry knowledge and validate their expertise.  

So, What does the Content Marketing Institute Certification Program Cover?

The institute keeps updating its syllabus to cover a broad range of content marketing topics. Some of the topics it covers include;

  • Story
  • Channels
  • Planning
  • Audience
  • Measurement
  • Process
  • Conversation

You learn at your speed, and you select which topic you want to start with though they recommend following a particular order. 

You get your certifications after studying all the training materials and pass their exams. You’ll never have to renew your certificate every year as it never expires. 

Register on the CMI website to begin learning. 

Here is the CMI fees structure

  • Group discounts accessible to more than three students
  • White label access and Corporate access is available as well    
  • Individual $995 every student
  • Non-profit students  $695 per student
  • Alumni $595 per learner

Digital Marketing Institute’s Digital Marketing Pro

This is a two-for-one certification. After finishing your Digital Marketing Pro course, Digital Marketing Institute and the American Marketing Association certify you.

What do you learn, and where can you apply the knowledge you obtain? I’m glad that you asked. Let’s see what their syllabus entails. 

To be certified, you need to take all ten courses, beginning with a detailed introduction to digital marketing and finishing with a highly advanced marketing strategies class.

After covering the basics of professional digital marketing, such as consumer psychology, research methods, and principles, you begin exploring more complex subjects. 

Microsoft Advertising Certification

If you are a business leader who wants to remain ahead of the curve, you can become a Microsoft advertising certified personnel and forever stay ahead of the competition. 

Their program teaches you how to receive most of all your ad spend so that you reap as many benefits as you can from every dollar you invest in marketing.

The good news is that the course is free for beginners. 

After completing the course, you’ll be able to

  • Optimize ad campaigns
  • Get knowledge to practice as a professional.
  • Enjoy full member benefits.
  • Grow your Microsoft Advertising prowess
  • Maximize your reporting & tools knowledge

The course is very convenient and suitable. You can take the free courses according to your schedule. You’ll have all the time you need to finish the free Microsoft advertising certification.  

 If you score 80 percent and above, you become a member for a whole year.

After completing the certification, Microsoft places you in the member directory. That way, potential employers will have a quick way of confirming your certification status. 

Microsoft Advertising Certification is one of the best marketing certifications you can have in your toolbox. It’s an incredible stepping stone for anybody beginning their digital marketing journey.

Hubspot Content Marketing Certification

If you really need to build your content marketing knowledge, having Hubspot certification should top the list of everything you need to do. Their tutors hold nothing back as they pour out their vast expertise in content marketing to you. 

The course is suitable for 

  • Content producers
  • Professional marketers
  • Inbound Marketing  professionals

You’ll learn how to create valuable content consistently. Also, you’ll learn how to remodel content that search engines and people will dearly love. You’ll develop vital learning skills, and you’ll be more strategic in your digital marketing campaigns. 

Course details: twelve lessons, fifty-six high-quality videos, eleven quizzes. You’ll have to dedicate your six hours and nineteen minutes to cover the entire course. You do not have to pay a dime.

If you are new to blogging or you need to grow your existing blog, taking Hubspot Content Marketing Certification is an excellent step in the right direction.

Google Analytics Individual Qualification

The Google Analytics Individual Qualification certification is highly unique and should be in every professional digital marketer’s apparatus.

Highly trained digital marketing experts know how to use Google Analytics to recognize each ad strategy.

You’ll always be one step closer to creating successful digital marketing campaigns if you arm yourself with a robust understanding of Google Analytics. 

What does it take to get certified as a Google Analytics guru?

You have to take a one and half hour exam ( 90 minutes) in one session. To pass the exam, you have to score 80 percent or higher. However, if you fail to reach the pass mark, you’ll wait for one week to try your luck again. 

Fortunately, Google will give you unlimited access to a pool of study materials. 

Google Analytics may appear very basic at first glance, but it’s beneficial to give you critical data that you need as a digital marketer every day. 

Facebook Blueprint Certification

One of the most effective methods for every company to reach their audience and create their brand awareness is Facebook advertising. 

By becoming a Facebook accredited professional, you make yourself stand out from the crowd of wannabe digital marketers.  

Having Facebook Blueprint Certified Professional digital badge will give you an edge over your competitors. You’ll prove to potential clients that you can enhance their advert campaigns with your expertise in Facebook marketing. 

The certifications you get are as following:

  • Facebook Certified Digital Marketing Associate
  • Facebook Certified Media Planning Professional
  • Facebook Certified Advertising API Developer
  • Facebook Certified Media Buying Professional
  •  Facebook Certified Marketing Developer
  •  Facebook Certified Advanced Marketing Developer
  •  Facebook Certified Marketing Science Professional
  •  Facebook Certified Creative Strategist Professional

You pay $150 for every exam you take, but it may differ based on the country you reside. You’ll know the actual price you’ll have to pay as you check out.

Are  Certification Courses worth it?

Yes. These certifications are worth your time and effort as they give you world-class skills in the ever-evolving digital marketing world. They provide a competitive edge over your competitors, which you need to stay ahead of the pack.  

Closing Thoughts

It is critical to constantly learn new skills to keep up with digital marketing trends. Today, there are many digital courses and digital marketing certifications available online. Many of them are free but effective in helping you develop the highly sought after digital marketing skills,

When adding your certifications, include the dates you received because some of them have an expiry date. Nowadays, there’s a wide range of digital marketing certifications easily accessible online that can help you shine in your current job or land on the job you have been dreaming about for years. 


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