A 2020 research by the NAR (National Association of Realtors) found that 88% of buyers recently purchased their home through a broker or a real estate agent.

That same research also revealed that during the home search process, 73% of buyers interviewed only one real estate agent.

Now, these stats highlight the importance of spreading awareness and getting in front of your potential clients as quickly as possible.

That’s why, being a real estate agent or brand, this field requires you to have a solid grasp of real estate marketing.

Another study from the NAR showed that 92% of buyers begin their house hunting quest online.

So, if you’re not networking, engaging, and active online, then you’re missing out on a big market for your business.

The competition is high, and these days you’ll need expert offline and online marketing skills to set yourself apart from other real estate brands.

Here are some marketing ideas that you can incorporate in your real estate business to reap quick and great results.

1. Identify Target Audience:

The first strategy you can use to become a successful real estate agent is to identify your target audience or target market.

Many real estate businesses and brokers focus on a targeted niche, narrow it down and become an expert in their market.

You get an idea about what risks are involved, where the market is headed in short & long-term trends, and what’s driving the target market currently.

For instance, a real estate agent who knows the details about a new school or housing society project coming locally could change his marketing tactics accordingly.

2. Fix Marketing Budget:

Once you know your target market and audience, the next step is to plan and set your marketing expenses.

This could be another major factor to successfully expand your real estate brand.

Once you decide your budget, stick to it.

But the question is, where to spend this budget?

There are hundreds of avenues to spend your marketing budget on, such as real estate blog, website, social media marketing, email marketing, or influencer marketing.

Your expenses must be according to your target audience.

For instance, customers in the New York City area might require digital marketing. In contrast, customers in a rural area might require a different marketing approach.

3. Create a Mobile-friendly Website

Regardless of the market and target audience, you must establish your online presence with the help of your mobile-friendly and professional website.

Worldwide, Statista says that there are over 4 billion internet users now.

So, why not take advantage of these 4 billion opportunities to spread out the word about your services.

To show your real estate business or services, you should have a website so that people may reach out to you easily.

4. Create a Blog

Another highly effective and budget-friendly way is to market your services through blogs.

It is an excellent way to introduce your products and services even if you do not want to

spend money on hosting and a paid domain.

So, consider starting your free blog through Wix, WordPress, Blogger.com, etc.

On a blog, you can cover multiple sub-niches such as

  • construction
  • interior designing
  • real estate marketing trends
  • real estate selling
  • Latest trends in real estate marketing

Facebook marketing strategies for real estate brokers are the new talk of the town because of their effectiveness and ease of use. Facebook ads are also an excellent way to get your real estate agency into the spotlight.Apart from Facebook, Instagram is also a compelling platform to scale your real estate business. Instagram is famous for its stories and celebrity endorsement for your business; hence influencer marketing is taking place on Instagram today.infographics about home prices or mortgage rates can be useful

An effective marketing strategy for a Real Estate Company is vital for its survival in the competitive business industry.

If you generate quality content about real estate and share it on all your social handles, it will help you get more leads.

Instead of quantity, focus on creating an EYE-catchy and useful content to increase your authority and visibility in the real estate niche.

5. Create Social Channels

According to recent studies, 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing has been a very effective strategy to help their business grow.

Well, this number is huge.

Everyone is holding a smartphone nowadays and also has access to the internet.

So, why not use it to get some lucrative profits?

To attract potential customers, you can use different social media handles to market your real estates’ agency, such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Quora, Pinterest, and YouTube.

  1. Facebook marketing strategies for real estate brokers are the new talk of the town because of their effectiveness and ease of use. Facebook ads are also an excellent way to get your real estate agency into the spotlight.On Facebook, you can advertise your real estate services in a huge array of ads such as sponsored ads, sponsored stories, sponsored posts, canvas ads, carousel ads, etc. Not only the ads, but you can use Facebook pages to increase the exposure of your real industry
  2. Apart from Facebook, Instagram is also a compelling platform to scale your real estate business. Instagram is famous for its stories and celebrity endorsement for your business; hence influencer marketing is taking place on Instagram today.
  3. The other social media marketing handle is Twitter. Yes, if you want to create hype about your property business, tweet about it using the right hashtags strategically and enhance your visibility.

4.  LinkedIn is also a gold mine for realtors. You can grow your business on LinkedIn and generate more leads.

First of all, make a professional and optimized profile showcasing your expertise. Then make a company page, join groups related to your niche. Finally, connect with others in the same industry, share your brand and show your authority.

5. Pinterest helps you make boards and pin your property pictures. It is an ideal social media marketing tool for realtors. It has more than 125 million users in the U.S. alone. More than 90% of active Pinterest users said that it helps them in their purchase planning process

6.  Moreover, creating a YouTube channel for real estate businesses can generate thousands of new leads for you.

You can create your drone videos walkthroughs to scale up your marketing strategies. Agents who use video marketing strategies will see a rise in requests and offers to look at their properties.

YouTube helps customers put a face to the brand, making it more relatable and boosting sales.

6. Create Referral Marketing for Real Estate Business:

Go for referral marketing once you’ve made all your social handles and actively posted and shared about your real estate agency.

Do you know how Realtors get more leads via referrals?

  • By creating and sharing helpful content
  • By interviewing local business owners
  • By using LinkedIn to cultivate relationships with professionals.
  • By asking your old clients network for referrals
  • By working on gathering more online reviews

7. Create a Real Estate Newsletter

Suppose you are looking for long-term success as a brand.

In that case, you may consider publishing a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter with a notice about new houses in their area, updates on current mortgage rates, news about seminars, changes in real estate laws, benefits of homeownership, how to develop a real estate investment portfolio, etc.

Potential customers would appreciate the insights from such a newsletter, showing commitment to the brand.

So, Email marketing is also another powerful strategy for building client relationships.

8.  Develop brand awareness

Like other brands and businesses, your real estate agent must also strive to develop a business of its own. It could be under your business name. Any real estate sales tactics you apply must keep this concept in mind.

9.  Hire a Real Estate Photographer

Visuals always play an important role when it comes to real estate. However, not as many realtors and owners understand the importance of this single concept when it comes to marketing a home online. The fact is, people, judge a book by its cover, especially when browsing through so many listings.

10.  Learn How to Market to Millennials

Millennials or Generation Y are people born between the 1980s and 2000s. There are over 75.3 millennials, according to Pew Research Center.

And most of them are between 18-34, so they are most likely to purchase a property. Many of them are even starting to buy their first homes.Marketing to Generation Y is challenging, but it is worth your time and effort. So, to successfully grow your real estate business, target your real estate marketing efforts toward this group.

Bottom Line:

These were the most widely used, unique, and popular real estate marketing strategies.

So, always start with a creative yet practical marketing strategy for your real estate company.

Having a clear marketing plan for your agency will help you set goals for your marketing campaigns and define the steps to reach these goals.

Go through all of these 10 unique ideas and see what fits your business model.

If you have any questions about your real estate brand, let us know in the comment section below.

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